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 T5 vs T10 and 10.0 etc.

Hey, I’m looking to get a 46" reptisun 10.00 long bulb, should I have a t5, t10, or 12 48" hood? What’s the difference? It being higher powered should I place her basking spot about 25 inches from top? And then is the basking bulb a heat light, should it be a long tube or regular bulb? So including the heat emitter that’s three sockets? Or can I go for a double tube holding hood? Is the basking spot like the sun type light they should also receive on top of the UVB? I’ve done hours upon hours of research and am in the process of building her a proper cage

11/09/15  11:29pm


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  Message To: Youclimbtrees   In reference to Message Id: 2315632

 T5 vs T10 and 10.0 etc.

Hi I have been studying the UVB lamps since 2007 with a UVB meter.
I know the output of the T8 repti sun 10.0 , 5.0 and 2.0

I also know the output of the coiled lamps and the weakness of them.

Now the T5 is a new development and the ARCADIA brand is tested and reported to be very good by Dr Frances Baines online, on the YAhoo group called UVB METER OWNERS

However I did not recall any results for the zoo med T5... but I suspect they are copying Arcadia and doing just fine.

Personally I prefer the Mega ray self ballasted mercury vapor narrow flood lamp. Sold by Bob Mac on
they produce excellent UVB / UVA and heat will need another source of 5500k daylight to make everything look normal ...or window light inside the house.

About 50-60 with shipping and a 12 month warranty no questions asked. If your lucky the coupon code
will save you the cost of shipping. the coupon is scheduled to expire ...when I don’t know??

If you have any questions e mail or call the owner he will answer you immediately in most cases.

!00 watt lamps are recommended at 12"- 14" away from the body of the reptile
160 watt 18-20" away
275 watt 36-38" away
Further distance is Ok as well, but never closer than the recommended minimum distance

I know the T8 tube 10.0 emit 65 microwatts when new @ 12"
at the 6 month mark they have depleted to approx 45 microwatts @ 12"
I know the powersun by zoo med is slightly higher output when new 80-90 mw.. but at the 6 month mark it has degraded so poorly it is weaker than the 10.0 tube 30-45 mw... after 6 months it will degrade to about 30 mw

Solar Glo by exo terra mercury vapor lamps totally suck and don’t emit any UVB above 10-12 mw when new

The megas ray that I mentioned and linked you to will emit 130-135 mw when new and will degrade down to about 105-115 over the life of the lamp at the minimum safe distance. This number is equivalent to actual daylight the iguana sees in the morning and late afternoon.

Reptile UV

Good Luck

11/12/15  09:20am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2315673

 T5 vs T10 and 10.0 etc.

I forgot to answer the rest of your question... but if you buy the 4 ft T8 tube ...yes you will need a fixture
Lowes sells a UTILITECH 48" shop fixture in white for about 13.00 and the black ( same ) is a buck more they allow you to have 2 lamps in the fixture and I love these because they are cheap and I can add a second 5500k daylight tube for another 8.00 from Lowes... look up the Kelvin scale on google and see what the color of daylight is ...5000 k - 6000k

So you have a UVB T8 and a daylight lamp in the fixture and now all you need is heat ... the other fixture ...

The difference in the T5 HO is the power consumption and the output the wattage of the bulb. It the newest latest design and the expense is going up too. They are good ... but they are going to be expensive.

T 12 is being phased out ... do not get T12 for UVB or home lamps... T8 replaced T12 T5 is going to replace T8 but that’s a long way off...and LED is going to replace T5 in the long run. But they haven’t figured out the UVB for LED yet as far as us consumers go.

The basking lamp can be an expensive reptile bulb ( crap ) which burns out way too fast. I spend my money on Halogen Par 38 flood lamps and par 30 halogen flood lamps at the hardware store or wal mart...i also use 125 watt clear lamps sold for chicken brooding ... they are at wal mart and horse and feed / tack stores ... TRACTOR SUPPLY

At night the house remains at 75 F and I turn all lights out... totally dark

your UVB ( primary concern) safe distance will be what forces you to make a basking platform...and where

If you make a platform at the minimum safe distance of 12"- 15" from the BODY OF THE REPTILE... not the platform
Then you adjust heat and other factors

Need more info ...join us on Iguana lovers
I only get here every 7-10 days or so

11/12/15  09:39am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2315674

 T5 vs T10 and 10.0 etc.

4 pack par 38 flood

125 watt heat lamp walmart
walmart lamps

ceramic heat emitter

11/12/15  09:47am

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