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 New baby green iguana rescued from pet store. Have some questions?

I was wondering around a local pet stor the other day. Saw this baby iguan looked underweight. He didn’t hang his head down didn’t have that death look going. I’ve owned serval reptiles. I know the responsibility of owning an iguana. I’ve got him a 30 gallon tank while I build his new enclosure. Now on his 30 gallon tank I got an 250 infrared with light dimer with a 60 watt Phillips agro light with an 18 inch zoo med uvb light. I keep his basking side 110 and average tank stays at 84 cool and 90 warm side. I got his diet changed to collard greens acorn squash bell peppers He eats good. His Brel is finally filled out but his legs are skin and slowly filling out. I was wondering what kind of foods would put some weight on him. I called the vet but we’re I life there’s none of them experience in jeeps and the closes one is bout 300 miles. He seems like he’s doing somewhat better doesn’t turn down food. He’s lazy he will wake up for his nap and explore his home the goes and bask. Are baby iguanas normally real active? What foods add some weight. How often should I dust his food with calcium like do it at least 3 times a week and once for the multi vitam. And is my 18 inch zoo med uvb light enough for him.

10/17/15  09:50pm


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 New baby green iguana rescued from pet store. Have some questions?

The thirty gallon tanks is approx 18" tall
A zoo med 18" linear will reach down 12 " if it is a 10.0 ...and 6" if it is a 5.0
pretty weak UVb but better than the pet store Im sure My 48" zoo med 10.0 emits about 45 microwatts when new.
as it gets older it fades to less but never less than 25 microwatts in 12 months

How do I know this , I have a UVB meter
Take a piece of newspaper.. fresh and it under the uvb lamp if it turns yellowish / tan in a few days that means you have some UVB

Thank goodness you have a dimmer

Foods that increase weight ... that’s a tough one and your diet is good just keep up the good work and it will gain weight as it is provided a better diet ... not overnight but in a couple of months it will fill out.

here is a link to food charts and good choices for diet
Green Ig Society
here is another ...for bearded dragons ...just eliminate any insects please

Beautiful Dragons

Lots of choices and plenty of good nutritious items ...find a fruit treat and spoil it...grapes ... berries..
keep in mind the Ca ratio the more calcium the better...butternut squash is GREAT

10/18/15  01:19pm

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