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 New iguana!

I wound up getting a new iguana, this time from a pet store as opposed to a boardwalk shop. His name is Squiggy Ramirez and he’s just a baby. I think there were some issues with the previous way the terrarium was set up. For starters, it was turned vertically which meant the screen was on the front. I think too much heat and humidity were escaping so I turned it horizontally, covered the majority of the screen with aluminum foil and laid a blanket over top. The heat and humidity seem to be retaining much better this way. I also picked up an appetite stimulant that has vitamins and calories in it as well to make sure this one eats. I’ve seen him eat, although he doesn’t eat much. I also ordered the under tank heater, although I’ll be placing it on the side so he doesn’t burn himself or anything. I just need to get one of those timer power strips since the one I currently own only has two outlets, both used by the basking bulb and the UVB bulb.

10/01/15  04:57pm


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 New iguana!

Is there a question here ??? I’m missing it

10/04/15  07:48pm

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