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 Iguana having Night terrors/Nightmares

Hey Everyone,

I figured asking on a forum would be a great idea before heading back to the vet. My other half is the primary care giver of our Red Iguana, we’ve had him or her for about six months. I think it’s a "She" so going to continue with that....
She has been a great companion and very good little iggy, we let her roam free in our apartment and have the top part of a desk setup with a food and water bowl. We have a towel laid out with the Sun light thingy that cost way to much so she can bask. The iguana has really taken a liking to my wife and tolerates me and of course the dog... but she has crawled all over our pup so ... I think that should be fine.

Anyways the situation: the iguana has been sleeping in our bed, typically on our pillows or my wife. This has been constant every night event for at least the last four months if not five. About two weeks ago we were woken up to the iggy "freaking out" and I’ll explain. She would come out of a deep sleep in total panic race around the blanket and pillows jump onto the bed table slamming into things... truly running aimlessly as to get away from a predator. When my wife tried to get her and calm her down she wouldn’t stop and left some gnarly scratches on her hands and arm. We watched her run into a corner of the next room and slowly calm down. After that was a good thirty minutes of my wife trying to calm the iggy down talking, offering food, the towel from the desk... ( Also noting the iguanas color went from red to white all over her body ). Around 30 minutes after this started the iggy did calm down and return to her natural state of jumping on my wifes shoulder and staring at random objects without a care in the world.

This morning will be the third time this has happened in the past two weeks, again repeating the above steps.... around 30 minutes and back to normal....

There hasn’t been any changes, no friends over or family or pets.... the temp has been the same.... The nightmares however do seem to be a little random they start from maybe two hours after she falls asleep to 6 or more hours.

Any advice or direction would be great, and to clarify we took the iggy to the vet maybe the second or third week we owned her for a swollen jaw - turned out to be an abscess tooth which was treated and fully recovered. ( This was about 5 months ago ) every thing has been great up to this point.

09/06/15  08:36am


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  Message To: Elements   In reference to Message Id: 2314833

 Iguana having Night terrors/Nightmares

This is certainly a first...never heard of this before in my 10 years of experience.
It’s possible that is having a recurring memory of abuse or maybe off chance...a neurological disorder that is or can be life long.

I don’t suppose your wife will consider putting it in an enclosure at night?
Might be could try and see for a few days / week.

Iguanas are more intelligent than many who knows what it might be thinking. A stuffed animal and a soft blanket may be the answer also.

Don’t be boxed in by conventional thinking.


09/16/15  01:13pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314906

 Iguana having Night terrors/Nightmares

Thank you very much for your feedback,

We’ve been trying to rule a few things out and sadly we think the issue is known. A few hours before each of these episodes
there has been a traumatizing event. We trimmed his/her nails which it really really didn’t care for we would have to wrap him in a shirt and do it quick and smooth, but we would reward em with a treat afterwards. Since then we stopped cutting his/her nails and it sleeps like a baby... in fact today I woke up with the dog and lil iggy sleeping on my wifes side of the bed. So now we are trying to line up his/her walk way with sand paper and bricks for climbing on our furniture so that will widdle his/her nails down.

Thank you very much for the advice if it happens again we are going to try an enclosed area.

09/16/15  01:55pm


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  Message To: Elements   In reference to Message Id: 2314909

 Iguana having Night terrors/Nightmares

Well I must say that is interesting and I am glad the event is over... Must be extremely cute to see wife, dog, and iggy all cuddled up to say the least. We also trim the nails, fortunately we don’t have to wrap and restrict the movement.

If you are on facebook c’mon over to IGUANA OWNERS and click the join are always welcome

09/17/15  12:43pm

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