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CaptainGreenJeans   Cphill58  

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 Can you rescue my iguana?

Captain Green Jeans is a male iguana approx 3 1/2 years old. My ex husband originally purchased him as a baby for our kids but it turned out I was the only one who ever handled him. I moved out and after several months saw that Captain was very unhappy from neglect so I took him with me. Unfortunately I don’t really have the space and I also had to rescue the family dog. I haven’t been able to give captain the attention he needs and a couple months ago he started becoming aggressive and bit me for the first time ever. He has since bitten me several more times, and frankly I am scared of him now. I’ve tried petting him more, which he does love, and I was planning on building him a much larger habitat but I am concerned that the aggressive behavior may not stop and I think he may be better off with someone more experienced and with more time and space than I am able to provide. Please help, I love my Captain and want him to be happy

08/16/15  04:38pm


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 Can you rescue my iguana?

Im too far away...Utah to be exact. Please join a group on YAHOO called Iguana Rescue the groups with the search term IGUANA RESCUE and you will see dozens.

Try to find someone in your area...there are many willing to adopt a good looking boy.

Can you post pictures of him here...

Use the free app called Lightshot

Install it and take fast simple screen shots and use the cloud icon to make a hyper link...then paste the hyper link here
paste this in your browser to see MAXINE

08/18/15  09:27am

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