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 Cheapest DIY enclojure + diverse

Hi everyone !

I just realised my 10 years dream : I got a blue iguana yesterday.
It’s a juvenile one so no more than 15/20cm sized body (tail not included)

I’m the kind of person that always do hardcore research before acquiring anything, and because I wanted one for years, I’m aware of his need etc.

It’s just that we got him in a rush.
Where I came from and at the time I was searching one, blue iguanas were SUPER expensive. So when I saw one for 100$ at petco, I just couldn’t not take him.
End of the mounth and all, We had to put him in a 25inch tall x 13 x 12 aquarium fo rthe moment, with 100 Watt heathing bulb and a UV neon in a cheap walmart neon lamp.

I know it’s super small. And it’s my problem !
So, I want to build ASAP a terrarium for 1 year (we will move after that). What would be the cheapest way/material to make it ?
Which size ? Knowing that I really don’t have that much space.
Where could I get the best deal to find the material ? I’m in Westminster Colorado (near Denver).
how long Can I let him like that ? If I let him in this sized terrarium for two month but with all the care, what can hapen?

Diverse questions :
Like I said, my neon lamp is a cheap one from Walmart. Is it really bad ? if yes, what would be the best price/quality/easy to find neon lamp ?

In Colorado, it’s super dry, 30% of humidity. I’m misting the terrarium manually everytime i see It’s start to be too low.
Can I do anything to augment it without a humidifier for the moment ? (A humidifier would be too powerful for his little terrarium for now.)

I putted a hiding spot but he don’t go even when he his "terrified", his it normal? I’m so afraid to stress him too much !!!

Talking about that, he didn’t wanted to move from his branch today, didn’t wanted to eat, so i putted a towel on his terrarium so he will feel more "alone", it’s seems to quite worked. He ate some bites of mango, acorn and collard greens, but not a lot.
He took a nap too of approximately one hour from what I saw (I’m just watching him really discretely from a corner under the towel).
When the heat was more than 90/95 he started to open the mouth, so I had to keep is that low, even if I heard putting more heat will make him eat.
At night I can’t go lower than 80 because of the actual heat of the room.
Is all of that normal? Am I doing something wrong ?

As you can see I really care about him, and I know I make mistakes. Thanks for your help everyone !!!

A little picture, just because he his so beautiful <3

08/02/15  01:25am


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  Message To: DancingWizzard   In reference to Message Id: 2314408

 Cheapest DIY enclojure + diverse

You sure you did research ?? what and where did you get your info??

Ok here read these pages.

for food charts go here
green ig food
For some enclosure ideas go here

Lets talk about lights and heat... open mouth is called gaping a dog they are basically panting...not a bad thing , but they must be able to move away from the heat and cool down and they will choose to go in and out of the heat as they desire.

You dont have enough room in there for him to cool off. So he needs some major changes fast...or he will overheat and get dehydrated and then he wont eat due to lack of swallowing abilities. Lower the temps to 85 MAX until you make a bigger enclosure.
WHAT ARE YOU MEASURING TEMPS WITH... get your temp gun at Harbor Freight they are on sale for UTAH anyway.
Temp Gun

Humidity mist him often and mist the glass so he can lick the water off if he chooses. Very rarely do they drink from a bowl...mist his veggies so they are wet when he eats.

STUDY THAT FOOD CHART and get COLLARD GREENS...butternut squash...grapes...maybe a plastic box of SPRING MIX for some variety. I will literally tie the collard greens to a stick with trash bag ties so it looks like a real tree leaf. and when they tear it the stick offers enough resistance so the leaf tears off. Trust me they can eat a large mouthful. Grapes with or with out seeds no or green...cut them into 1/4’s so they are manageable paper plates or whatever to keep them off the ground. NO carrots No bananas ...not until much later in life when his bones develop. Dandelion greens and flowers...YES expensive at the store....but cheap from the yard if no pesticides are present. My yard is pesticide free and the milkweed dandelions are relished by my iggy and bearded dragons. Rose petals are ok too...same rules. Hibiscus are a real treat if you can find them.

CHEAP BUILD maybe 40.00 or 50
PVC white sprinkler pipe comes in 10 foot pieces ...perfect for these dimensions 1/2 " or 3/4" both are cheap.

48" tall X 24" deep X 24" wide
You will make a box
4 Pieces x 48"
8 Pieces x 24"
Thats 4ea 8 ft sticks of pipe for 2.00 each
You will join the corners with the 3 way Tees in the same area as the pipe. this is just an example of the high priced FURNITURE GRADE style... they have cheaper ones

Then you will use a pack of zip ties 7.99 -11.99 to attached plastic garden screen to the PVC box

Garden screen is green and usually 1/2" squares...comes on a roll in various sizes. 2 feet x 25 feet
Poultry net

attach the net to the frame with zip ties.

Now you need to make a door or leave the top open and make a wood top with some cheap way to get in and out. Plywood with screen will hold the lights and stuff. as long as you support the lights on whatever the top will be.

You can take left over PVC and make a door and a few PVC adapters will allow it to swing open..or you can make a wood door and attach it to the PVC with screws and hinges to the PVC

My iggy is a free roamer... I only made stairs and shelves with the PVC method and screen netting so she can climb to a different place. I also buy low pile indoor out door carpet and make a place for her to sleep 7 feet up in the living room

But I know people who make these cages for their iggys and they work ...later they attach real nice walls and expand the height and width as the iggy grows. But you need a 911 fix right now ....and fast and cheap... If you don’t do something about the cramped space and the overheating ...I feel sorry for all involved.

Next we need to get you on the right path to the proper lights ...UVB lamps and heat lamps.

UVB ...tell me what that is and you win a prize.

tel me what brand you have and what size

08/03/15  12:58am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314418

 Cheapest DIY enclojure + diverse

The LOWES in Westminster has all the same stuff.... I have worked there on occasion

Ohh one of my friends built this cage
scroll down a bit

08/03/15  01:05am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314419

 Cheapest DIY enclojure + diverse

Hey !

Thanks for all the information !!!

To answer a bit your questions :

I read ALL the green iguana society for the informations + Melissa Kaplan for UVB and MBD, it’s where I get my info ;).
It’s on Green Iguana Society that I saw that if he was opening the mouth it meant he was overheating.
I give him a plate of collard or mustard or turnip greens with acorn squash (yes sorry i forgot to say the squash in my post X) ) or green beans with one or two little pieces of mango + calcium supplement for the moment.
I’m currently measuring heat and humidity with the simple petco round thermometer.
It’s exactly what I’m doing with the mist :).
He have a UVB neon light, T8 18" 15W Zilla tropical series 25 and a Zoo Med 100W Reti Basking Spot Lamp in a Fluker’s clamp lamp 8.5inch.
And UVB is a radiation emited by certain types of lamp and of course the sun. It permit to create D3 vitamin that permit to fix calcium. In our case, it prevent MBD and growing problem. The article of Melissa Kaplan about her experiment with calcium/UV/MBD is super interesting by the way :p.
I think you misunderstood what I said, it’s my lamp to put the neon IN that is from Walmart. The neon tube come from a reptile store. Sorry for the confusion !

For the moment in super urgence before having some answer here I bought a slightly bigger plastic container for him. It’s still not Bizance but at leat he have the space to walk etc.

I really thanks you for your time and care on answering me, I really appreciate that !
We’re passing at home depot today.
I btw decided to bought an humidifier, so this gonna be okay in 5 days hopefully !

Have a beautiful day Cphill58 :).

08/03/15  02:11pm


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  Message To: DancingWizzard   In reference to Message Id: 2314433

 Cheapest DIY enclojure + diverse

BTW just one question : The 48x24x24, his it for his current size or for the full year ? Thanks !

08/03/15  02:13pm


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  Message To: DancingWizzard   In reference to Message Id: 2314434

 Cheapest DIY enclojure + diverse

Would easily last a year or 2 ( 2 x 2 x 4 ) to contain more humidity you can dress the outside with walls as you might see in the other photos and thread link. Great job buying a humidifier.

Never heard anyone express the light as radiation ... but thanks for clearing that up. The ZILLA lamps 18"- 48" is called a Fluorescent lamp ... (T8 tube), not neon ..not LED etc. Just so we speak the same language....

I am very pleased to see where you got your info ...with that you are off to a better start than most.

Your prize ...a few more good links for your research.

Lighting ... UVB and videos and reports of HOW MUCH or possibly too much and what to look for in case of accidental overdose with improper lamps. China mass produces the lamps and there is very little quality control from batch to batch.

Chrome reflectors inside the fixture add to the problem by casting / bouncing the light in unnatural directions. Causing harm to the eyes of the reptile.

This article will keep you busy for awhile
Reptile UV
The best manufacture of lamps I know is here ...I buy his lamps when ever I can every 2 years or 3. They last the longest and never cause eye issues.

For basking lights save some money... and get longer lasting lamps from any agriculture horse tack feed store.
Chicken brood lamps 125 watt clear ...these last months and months.
125 watt

If you see them on the retail shelf they range from 4.99 - 6.99 Not a bad price considering shipping online. We have IFA stores here ... you must have a similar store in CO. Maybe a CAL RANCH ? TRACTOR SUPPLY

Need to tone down the heat ? Get a lamp dimmer from Lowes / Home Depot
Lamp dimmer

All these and more ...


Humidity for all

Wishing you all the best

08/06/15  01:32am

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