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Trogdors human slave   Cphill58  

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Trogdors human slave
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 Trogs - food standoff, week 2

Trogdor is a 14 year old rescue ig with a bit of a ’tude. He sometimes goes into standoff mode with me and refuses food, for up to a couple weeks. He otherwise behaves normally; pooping, climbing, watching us and the cats, etc. I can usually trick him into eating by getting him riled up a little and then putting food where he wants to bite down. It’s a dirty trick, but it works. I also try mixing up what he’s getting, its texture, hand feeding, etc, and we’ve always gotten past it before he’s in trouble.

This time is a little different, he’s actually getting weaker and looking kinda shrunken. He also spit out food when I tricked him into eating. Odd enough, he’s still attentive a lot of the time and still pooping whatever I can get him to eat. He also drank some water out of his dish and kicking it under his heat lamps like normal. This is all very odd behavior for a sick iguana, since they usually stop being normal and seek cooler areas.

We moved a month or so ago, which changed our routine. He’s often acted up when that’s the case, anywhere from just being aggressive to this sort of hunger strike. I’m prepared to go with blending up supergreens and force feeding with a baby syringe but it’s sort of the nuclear option. I had to do it when he got sick about 5 years ago and I think it took 3 years for him to forgive me.

Anyone experience this? Have you found anything magical that works?

07/18/15  04:47pm


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  Message To: Trogdors human slave   In reference to Message Id: 2314259

 Trogs - food standoff, week 2

Tell me what he ate when he did eat properly... what was his diet like
Please inform me of the temps he is experiencing ... do you have a temp gun?? fro accurate measurement.

And how do you provide any humidity for him ? how often you have a humidifier in the area / enclosure?

If he is suffering from liver failure it can be due to chronic dehydration. It is a slow process but a vet can help.
It is one of the things I worry the most about with our 10 year old female.

Every day I make sure she goes outside with me and gets hand fed greens ... with the hose sprayer running on a wide mist pattern ...extra treats like mint and dandelion from the yard...a healthy bite of dirt which she likes occasionally. This is the time she poops ...outside ... she drinks from a large crock filled with water inside the house and has a humidifier running which pumps cool mist fog through a ABS pipe set up I made...over her basking area. On occasion the living room gets a bit muggy ... but not lately due to the summer temps. A vet can inject liquids in to her and has done so in the past when we take her in for an annual check up.

If they get too dehydrated they can not swallow properly. ...or maybe your Iggy has a lesion and makes chewing and swallowing painful??

Did I say VET and check up...

07/21/15  12:44am

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