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 Scout’s Outdoor Junglegym

It’s been a while since I posted. Life’s been very busy, studying for my state boards for nursing, ect. Anyway, I built my 4yo iguana, Scout, an outdoor junglegym this summer. I figured she’s big enough to be outside for a little while and she seems to really enjoy it. It’s a 5’X5’X5’ cube with a pitched roof and utilizes plastic-coated chicken wire for the walls/barriers. The logs in the pictures are affixed to the structure with 3" deck screws so they are not a falling risk. I’m still in the process of finding a suitable water basin that is big enough for her to lounge in. She normally staying in it on warm, sunny days, which have been rare in MI this summer LOL, and her time spent in it is around 1-9 hours depending on my work schedule and whether or not she is ready to come inside (if she is in there for a long period of time it is on days when I am home and she is checked quite often). It is on casters so it is easily moved and I normally place it halfway under the shade of a tree so she can escape the sun if desired. Tell me what you think or feel free to ask any questions about it.

07/15/15  09:48am


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 Scout’s Outdoor Junglegym

THATS AWESOME ...congrats ...Love it

07/17/15  09:58am

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