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 Advice for Zanelee

Hello RepictZone family! It has been along while!

As of the other day I had a man on Instagram who is a private keeper/breeder tell me that my Zanelee is actually a male! I have a couple of pictures to post to see if anybody else agrees. I know that he/she has gone through breeding season, and I have thought it was weird I have yet to see her lay eggs in the 3 years I’ve had her. What do y’all think?

Anyway, today she has been ’coughing’. Sounds like a cat trying to cough up a hairball... I mean, she is a free roam iguana and does get under all the couches and place where cat hair, dust, and dirt all accumulate. She is always trying to eat the cat food so we are not always here to pick it up and get it off the ground. I know animal protein is harmful to herbivores. My problem is I don’t know how many UVA and UVB bulbs I have purchased from Pet Smart in the past year, but way more than needed, they always break! I bought a 2 bulb set a couple of weeks ago, the VERY next day one broke. And then just last week the other one broke! So right now I have the red 120W bulb for heat up next to her ’perch’/basking area just to give her some heat. After a few minutes she tried to get as close to it as possible. I found that really weird. I mean, I know that means she is cold, but I feel like he is smarter than that? She isn’t breathing funny, no holding her mouth open, or anything like that.









Thank you in advance!

07/10/15  06:02pm


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 Advice for Zanelee

I’ve never had a RI ( respiratory infection ) with my iggy. In my snakes yes... and off to the vet I go to get a prescription
Office visit 70.00 medication 30-40 10-20 days treatment and clean enclosure...done

Now you I do, have a free roam. So maybe she got a hair stuck ... or something a bit more difficult to expel. Causing the cough. Time might be all you need... or a bit of prying inside and probing / poking around to see for your self. get a rubber spatula and start to follow the line of the lips from the jaw hinge to the front.... gently but firmly prying the mouth open. Once you get access flip the spatula up and down to hold the mouth open.

This will take 2 people.. and the iggy wrapped in a towel think Iggy burrito.

The lamps ... well ...I am the lamp expert.

Stop buying Pet smart Pet co...crap...
Get over to MEGA RAY
See the products they have ... e mail or call Bob Mac with any questions

ORDER A PROPER LAMP... you will never regret his products .


mega ray products

I use a 275 watt lamp above maxine @ 36" for 170 micro watts of UVB...and the lamp is 6 months old.
If I give her another pillow the UVB can go higher yet.

If I were you I would also invest in CHICKEN brood lamps 125 watt clear or red ...I prefer clear
here is a link...they last and last !! and are far more economical

chicken brood lamp

If you type into Goggle "125 watt chicken brood lamp" will see lots of sites and prices...check shipping 4 at a time so you save on shipping.

Stop buying from high priced pet stores...

get your lamps set up hanging from the ceiling so the beam of light projects properly.

Add a small amount of hooks in the ceiling for swag lamps... 3 ft apart...then some in expensive JACK chain.
Then cut a piece of EMT( electrical metal tubing) with a hack saw ...or have Home Depot cut it for you. To hang on the jack chain (make small loops). jack chain can be pried open and closed easily with a pair of needle nose pliers. Thus allowing you to make loops and such. Clamp the lamps to the EMT pipe you just hung up. do some wire management to keep the wires neat and tucked away.
use Zip ties ...plastic nylon devices found in the electrical dept.

All total you might spend 10.00 on hardware to accomplish this.

Another 60.00 with Mega ray including shipping... and another 20.00 on the chicken brood lamps including shipping.

1 hr of time and 90.00
will look like this

if you want more details ...feel free to ask

07/13/15  12:13pm

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