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 Iguana diet option?

I was looking at a mixed green pack at the store and I know that some of the ingredients listed work for sure, but u wanted to make sure about the rest. Here is a list , can anyone tell me if these are all safe/will work as a feeding mix? Thanks.

Organic Baby Lettuces (Red & Green Romaine, Red & Green Oak Leaf, Red Leaf, Lollo Rosa, Tango, Butter Lettuce), Organic Red & Green Chard, Organic Mizuna, Organic Arugula, Organic Radicchio, Organic Baby Spinach.

06/24/15  09:01pm


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  Message To: Machine213   In reference to Message Id: 2314030

 Iguana diet option?

I posted on all of your questions... hope you find it

respond here easier and more iggy users will have a chance to see and add items.

The Baby Spring Mix is fine ... but is not complete as far as a calcium loaded diet.

Have a look at the food charts located here

Food Chart

Have a look around the web site ...lots of good info there

also related ... the same veggies apply to the bearded dragon...all veggie items can be used for either species

Beautiful Dragons

we make a combination of COLLARD GREENS available at Walmart or Smiths for 1.29 per bunch.
Spring Mix ... grapes with or with or without seeds...torn open for easy chewing...shredded butternut squash ( after peeling)

Lots of goodies for treats apple on occasion / orange banana / peach / pear. Most fruits are high in phosphorus so we don’t give to much to often ... the grape is higher in calcium and that is a regular topping on the salad. carrot is excluded and butternut squash is used instead. Many squashes are on sale seasonally. dandelion greens are expensive...ask your grocer when they are tossing out the produce to save you some..!! Start a relationship with your local store. Tell em you have an iguana...hahaha bring it in the store shopping with you.

Make sure your iggy gets a good amount of UVB exposure to a quality lamp. All this calcium rich food wont do any good if it doesn’t get unfiltered UVB light

Hope that helps

06/28/15  09:33am

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