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HT/BB/85/10   Cphill58  

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 Iguana had its toe stuck in tank door! Need advice!!!

My iguanas tie was shut in tank door!!! During feeding, my daughter (age 5) goes by & thinking he was going to run away, she closed the tank door...on its toe!!! I opened it immediately, but to our horror, the lizards toe was half amputated. The vet says it will heal on its own, that splinting would be difficult and in vain, because it would not stay on easily. She was right, it has pulled off the splint & has been trying to chew at the toe!!!! At the time of purchase, it had a few nubs on its front feet from missing votes already. I am mainly concerned because the damaged toe is in the back and it is the longer ones it uses a lot for climbing. It seems fine & doesn’t act like it’s in a lot of pain, poor thing. Any advice on how u could help him? Thanks.

  • 06/24/15  03:51pm


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     Iguana had its toe stuck in tank door! Need advice!!!

    Your vet is correct .. Our iggy has missing claws / toes as well .. but it does very well. Climbs like a champ.

    Broken toes and missing toe nails is a common thing ... not much to do about it but let it heal on its own.

    if you see infection or swelling soak and bathe the foot / limb in betadine solution... but you must dilute the betadine 50% with water for any reptile... Do not use hydrogen peroxide. That is too harsh a product. Some neosporin is ok if you see an infection ... but Neo has a tendency to wipe right off as the iggy moves about the soaking in Betadine is more beneficial

    Look up melissa kaplan and read all her medical / iguana care advice.

    06/28/15  09:41am

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