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 Please help me with my very mean and vicious iguana anybody!!

hey everyone! any help would be greatly appreciated. i have a very mean little juvenile iguana and i believe he is roughly 7-9 months old and he is very very mean. ill start with his cage set up. i have a 55 gallon tank with a uvb light dome and a heat lamp. the ambient temp in the tank is 80-90 all day and at night it can get down to about 75. i have a heat pad thats a sticker andi have that stuck on the side so he cant burn his belly or anything and the pad was for a 30-40 gallon tank anyway. i also have 2 different temp gauges so i can monitor his tank on both sides. i have a monsoon rs400 rainfall system to keep his humidty in check which normally stays around 80 percent. hes got a lot of climbing decorations in his tank and a iguana hammock in one of the top corners near the heating lights. and i also have a hide box he can use which he rarely does. i have coconut substrate with some wood chips to add texture. i taped a fake background of a rainforest on the back of the tank and i even made a swimming dish that i dug into the substrate. every morning i cut his fresh greens and change his water dish every morning and his swimming dish every single morning. i sprinkle calcium on his food every other morning. i cut up mustard greens turnip greens collard greens and butternut squash and put some mashed mango on the side every morning sometimes ill put strawberrys with it for a treat. i do all that every single morning never missing a beat. then i let him bask and chill in his cage all day and leave his lights on from 7 till 7 and then after that i let him do a little free roam threw the house and then i put him to bed around 11 or so when i go to bed. on the week ends when im off work ill put him in this completely wired cage on my back patio so he can get some real sun an outdoors on the weekends for a few hours a day. i try to handle him for at least a hour when ever i can and i try to calm him before i put him up. i also tlk to him in a soft voice. i hold him nd pet him i try to hand feed him. every time i try to get him out of his cage he starts darting all over the place fast as heck and tail whipping me and biting and just going insane. then i get him and hold him and he just stares at me with his gobble all erected and his mouth open with his tongue all knoted up trying to tail whip me while im holding him and trys to bite me every chance i get near his mouth. eveytime i get his food dish he watches me nonstop and then moves away and gets his tail whip ready. at first when i got him all he did was dart around and squirm when i held him and has gotten so much worse. right now its summer time and it june. i live in north carolina and it stays between 80 and 95 through the summer and the humidty stays around 30-60 percent on normal days. hes completely mean and completely untrusting towards me. iv tried everything and he will not like me for nothing and i keep giving him chances. i want to keep him so bad but he haaaates me and everyone else with a clear passion does anyone have any idea what is wrong with mean little iguana. if anyone has any advice or any ideas to offer it will be greatly appreciated by me and my lizard named iggy of course!

06/22/15  03:31pm


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  Message To: Adh10489   In reference to Message Id: 2314009

 Please help me with my very mean and vicious iguana anybody!!

Like people each one is different.
You might be experiencing the terrible toddler stage... the fussy baby that wants nothing from you ...just the basic food / water / and cleaning.

here is a suggestion. Dont go in and get it... allow it to be left alone ... maybe if you like with the door open. if he comes out fine... but don’t force him to come out... You are actually invading his territory every time you enter his enclosure. And he sees you as a threat

You want free roam... it can be done ...I do it here for my 10 year old... newspaper potty trained... living room is hers.

ask me i will show you.

But your young 1 needs to grow some first. maybe at least a year old ....other wise it might get lost.

Any other pets you have that might scare it ...a dog??

06/28/15  09:49am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314065

 Please help me with my very mean and vicious iguana anybody!!

Mine calms down when I pet him. The first time I had to hold him and pet him before he knew he liked it. Now he will still whip me and bite me but he won’t run. He will stay in one spot and I can pet him until he calms down. I usually pet mine by rubbing my index finger and middle finger down his back from head to tail. It will even put him to sleep. Also, I heard getting a cage where you can come in from the side rather than the top is better because predators come at them from the top so they see you as a threat.

07/11/15  05:59am


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  Message To: Chevyhorse19   In reference to Message Id: 2314209

 Please help me with my very mean and vicious iguana anybody!!

Yes coming in from the top of the enclosure really scares them... they see shadow and light from the top of their head with that 3rd eye ... the creamy white colored dot on the top of the head.
It helps them to avoid predators...detect bright and low light... and much more.

In time it may not see you as a threat ...especially if you offer treats like grapes when you come in.

07/13/15  11:42am

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