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 Stuck shed and very sick

Hello, so my juvenile ig is very sick. He is in injectable antibiotics and being syringe fed. I was just doing some research and I am learning that I should not have had wood chips in the enclosure. I am wondering, what are the effects of this? The vet didn’t seem too knowledgeable about reptiles. His skin has stuck shed on it, specifically on the feet, he hasn’t shed regularly in a while. If you look closely, it looks like there is red in between his scales. He has a black blotch on his back. The vet said it could be systemic but I don’t trust them and now I’m concerned I messed up and the cause of this is the wood chips. He has turned yellow and lost a lot of weight but I still feel like this started with a skin infection.

04/27/15  03:56pm


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 Stuck shed and very sick

Im not sure where in calif you are located but if you are anywhere near Yorba Linda in OC ...get a hold of the vet named Tom Greek
(714) 463-1190

He will answer phone calls and recommend a vet near you. I drove the extra hour to see him ...he is an amazing vet and his staff is above compare.

Stuck Shed... soak and soak in the tub with lukewarm water...peel off... if stubborn apply vegetable / olive / baby oil...whatever you have that is safe for humans... apply the oil 2x a day for a day or two ...then soak in the tub and peel off the dead skin.

Get rid of the wood Chips .... a soft damp towel is better. ...2 or 3 towels if needed. Easily acquired at the thrift store and washed
Wood chips can be swallowed and cause lots of problems ...young iggys are curious and like to taste eat swallow odd things. They also harbor fecal matter and bacteria builds up.

Why is he getting antibiotics?? what kind?? injected at what location of the body? baytril??? Who said he has what infection??
Take pictures ... open a free account on PHOTOBUCKET ...upload
Come here and post a link so I can see the problems.


04/30/15  06:28pm

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