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 Looking to get an Iguana ADVICE?

Hi all.

I have been looking into getting an iguana for over three years now but i have heard so many horror stories that i have put it off, i had fallen in love with them the same time i got my first reptile now almost ten years ago, but got a leopard gecko as my parents wouldn’t allow something that in their eyes at the time "could eat our dogs", since then i have owned leopard geckos mostly but have rescued, bearded dragons, red tail boas, ball pythons, chameleons ( still have a couple chameleons) plus more!! All of them before finding their new homes when healthy or the ones who lived out their lives with me all hold a special place in my heart, but now with just the couple of chameleons and my crested gecko im looking again into getting an iguana. i was wondering if anyone had any advice? Im planning on starting him out in a terrarium until he is big enough to have the spare room. I have heard that all iguanas turn evil and im not wanting that as i am tired of being bitten by things haha, red tail boas are not fun to detach from your face!! Any advice etc would be wonderful and thank you all in advance =)

04/17/15  04:01pm


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  Message To: Samie92   In reference to Message Id: 2313227

 Looking to get an Iguana ADVICE?

An adult red tail can kill and even eat a dog with their powerful body and female at 10’ and can pack a punch during feeding but iggies can be aggressive especially males as they sexually mature and breeding season. My 5’ male red iggie is really calm once he’s out but in his cage hes not. Not every iggie will be evil it depends how you care and treat it. If you had a red tail then i believe you can handle a iggie just watch the tail.

04/18/15  08:06pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2313265

 Looking to get an Iguana ADVICE?

look at the animal shelters and yahoo groups ...there are many avenues to rescue and rehome a perfectly tame iguana ....even Facebook.

You will be doing the world a favor by adopting rather than purchasing. There are so many that need a good home, there is no reason what so ever to purchase a wild critter that has been shipped in horrid conditions and thrown in some under sized ...over populated tank in a pet store.

We rescued ours at 4 ft and 4 years old she is a precious sweet thing and all the neighbor kids clamor to come see her and bring treats for her to eat.

Start by calling the vet offices near you... they can lead you to many avenues to rescue a deserving iggy. They can help you get signed up and qualified as a placement home well as get you in a loop of other networking reptile lovers.

Good Luck

04/24/15  07:09pm

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