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 Hyper Iguana?

Hi everyone, I got a new juvenile iguana in the beginning of September so I’m assuming he is about 8 months old at this time. I raised another iguana in the past so I am familiar with most of the care procedures, however, I am concerned about this guy’s behavior. I have him in a very large screen enclosure with a branch that goes up to the top. I have both a heat lamp and a sun lamp on him. He is eating a variety of greens and I put the reptile dust on it for vitamins. He has fresh water. He is quite restless. It seems he likes to hang out on top of the cage so I will usually take him out and put him up there, where he usually falls asleep next to his light. I expect him to be skittish and a little crazy as he is still a young guy, but I feel like he’s doesn’t seem content sometimes no matter where he is. He hangs on the side of the cage and pushes into it as if he wants to break through it. He hangs from the ceiling and pushes into it as if he wants to push up through it. When I take him out, he will always walk back to the top of the cage (from the sofa, from the table, from the floor) and it seems like he just wants to go back into the cage, where the whole thing will start over. Is this normal? What can I do to make him relax or is it just because he’s young? Thanks so much.

02/21/15  01:01pm


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 Hyper Iguana?

Probably starting the rebellious teens. Establishing territory ...claiming what is his. A form of sexual maturity. The bobbing of the body up and down is just exercise for the day when he might need to defend himself or court another female/ male...more than likely he is male.

If he desires to be at the highest place (the top of the cage) he feels more secure there. You might need to make some lamp adjustments so they are actually hanging by chain from the ceiling, and thus doing the job intended.

Please tell me what type of "SUN lamp" (brand and model) and what reptile dust?? calcium with D3 ...or without... what vitamins?

02/24/15  11:12am

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