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 Temperature/behavior question

I got my iguana about three weeks ago, (this is my first time caring for a reptile) and everything has gone surprisingly well.
But recently, it’s started staying away from it’s basking light. When it’s heat lamp is on(95-100° air temp), it stays under it’s red night light(about 80° air temp) or hides around or under a rock. At night, it avoids the red light and stays on the other side of the tank(70-60° maybe less)

I’ve picked it up(it’s body feels cold) and put it under either light when i see it, and it doesn’t seem to mind staying there, but when i go back and check on it later, it’s somewhere else again.

I’ve been keeping it’s food dish full, and it’s eating (what i assume is) well. I’m pretty sure it’s been drinking too. It doesn’t like the mist from the mister i have for it(set up next to the red night lamp) but i only leave it on for about a half an hour at a time (30%air humidity (not enough, but it doesn’t like the mist, and the machine burns through water like crazy) )

[ 30 by 12 by 12(/18?) Terrarium (going to move into a bigger one when it grows some more) decorated with rocks from a creek near my house (boiled for a half an hour to kill any microorganisms.) A jade plant with some moss, a few small shoots of bamboo, and it’s cleaned/redecorated weekly + spot cleaning any feces.]
[ diet of collared greens, mustard greens, rainbow chard + small amounts of shreded fruits and vegtables(still learning what it likes to eat) ]
[ Temp and humidity already covered ]

02/02/15  11:28pm


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  Message To: Keepsake   In reference to Message Id: 2312152

 Temperature/behavior question

The enclosure should never be lower than 75F ever... Our Iggy (9yrs) will move in and out of the 100-105F basking zone on its own. But we and the vet agree that a tropical species should never be below 75F

85-95 is fine for daytime. Higher temps just promote better digestion and more consumption of food. But if your iggy is eating well and digesting well at somewhat lower temps thats OK too.

As for the mist .... humidity is always appreciated during shedding cycles.. and too much mist can irritate the iggy it needs a larger enclosure NOW. Please plan on doing that ASAP 30 x 12 x 12 is really very small.

Even if you build a big 2x2x4 box and have acrylic clear window the iggy will love the room to explore and find comfortable zones to bask and rest in. Screen mesh top with a aluminum frame can be easily hinged as a lid

1 sheet of OSB (4x8) will yield enough panels for the floor / rear/ and 2 sides plus face frame for the front.
Some 2x2 lumber will make framing and cost for lumber and screws to fasten about 20.00

Acrylic plastic clear will be another 40.00 give or take

Screen with aluminum frame for top can be ordered at any window /screen shop 15-20 bucks

What are you measuring temps with ...and what UVB are you providing??

Temp gun
Temp Gun
Food charts
Green Ig Society
Beautiful Dragons food chart

Reptile UVB

If you have questions please ask

02/03/15  12:34pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2312157

 Temperature/behavior question

I have an extra uvb bulb, but it isn’t set up yet. For temp, i’m using a small thermometer i got from petsmart when i originaly bought the iguana

02/05/15  03:42pm


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  Message To: Keepsake   In reference to Message Id: 2312187

 Temperature/behavior question

The petsmart thermometer is not accurate would be surprised.

02/06/15  07:54am

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