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 Took my Iguana to the vet....

Took her to the vet today and all is ok. She seems to have had a broken arm in the past and it has healed incorrectly which is what I predicted. It will have to remain that way since the vet said there is nothing that can be done. So, she is officially handicap. She will probably never be able to climb very well and I will have to make sure that she doesn’t fall from thing since she is clumsy and loses her balance easily. The vet did say that there is a possibility that she will adjust well and be better off than I think. I thought maybe they could break and reset it, but no. They wouldn’t even X-ray it. She said that her bone density is good and she should be ok. I would have liked to give her a better chance. So, she won’t be doing much climbing... but she is otherwise OK! She took a stool sample and it was all negative.

One question that I have is that the vet told me to give her some protein such as small insects or macaroni, then she said her iggy loved mac and cheese..... I thought cheese was really bad for them? She did say that you can only give it to her while she is a juvenile and that I should just to help her gain some weight. Is this ok? She is a little under weight but that doesn’t concern me because I just got her Saturday so it hasn’t even been a week, but she is eating a lot. I am sure she will gain weight.

01/23/15  02:47pm


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 Took my Iguana to the vet....

No it is not OK ... But as I posted in reply to your other thread every once in awhile MAxine will get something like plain pasta (which is ok occasionally) or multi grain bread or Pizza crust I order pizza maybe 2x a month and carefully offer just the crust with no sauce or meat. Bite size
Cherry / apple pie ...very small amounts maybe around the holidays.
as I said before I have to guard my food or she will jump onto the coffee table and steal it during movie night or whatever the occasion is.

It is a proven fact that iguanas are seriously impacted by protein diets a detrimental way.


01/24/15  08:06pm

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