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 OT: but super excited!!!

Some of you may know that I’ve been looking to upgrade my 120 gallon reef. I’ve been looking for a 300 gallon for about a year and after a little bird told me we had one sitting at the stores warehouse I called my stores owner and asked if he would sell t to me (it used to be in his house setup) he said yes and for only $500!!! I paid $400 for my 120 used if that gives anyone an idea of how good a deal that is!! He’s going to get the exact dimensions for me tomorrow but I’m hoping it’s the 8 foot instead of a 6 footer but either way I’ll be happy. Ahhh I’m so stoked!!! My reef tank is my baby and I love my fish just as much as the rest of my pets and you guys know I love giving my pets way more room then they need so I can’t wait to get them in this monster tank. Unfortunately it’s going to be months until they are actually in it and when I’m done I’ll have spent at least $5000 (on top of the $10,000 I already have into the 120) but it’ll be sooo worth it!!

This is an older pic of my 120 I need to get a pic of all the new corals I’ve gotten recently

08/07/12  09:51pm


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  Message To: Milan   In reference to Message Id: 2275976

 OT: but super excited!!!

lovely looking set up.

i have always wanted a marine tank but with makenshi i really dont have the space and my GF doesnt want me to have fish :/

still im sure if i keep bugging her about it she will give in, and im sure makenshi will love watching the fish.

08/08/12  03:48am


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  Message To: Shaxx   In reference to Message Id: 2276007

 OT: but super excited!!!

That is so cool, Milan! We have a tiny saltwater tank -- only 12 gallons. I really would like to expand on that but the hubby isn’t going for it.

08/09/12  09:54am


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  Message To: Really   In reference to Message Id: 2276189

 OT: but super excited!!!

You have great timing. I am just about to start my 55 as a reef tank and was looking for the best lights.
Flame Dwarf
Pink clown (2)
Velvet Damsel
Neon Goby
6 line wrasse
engineer goby or catalina goby
sand sifting star
brittle star
cleaner shrimp (2)
nassarius snail (50+)
-long tentacle
-blue snowflake
-neon green
-dragon eye
-ring of fire
feather duster
hammer coral
bubble coral
christmas tree coral
leather coral

Now granted this will take months to do but I’m excited to start. What kind of light would you recommend?

08/10/12  01:07am


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  Message To: Boxers4life   In reference to Message Id: 2276328

 OT: but super excited!!!

For a 55 I recommend t5s that’s what we had on our old 55. Except you may not be able to keep ’nems under them unless you target feed ALOT. They do best under metal halides but I HATE my metal halides. They hear up my water by up to 8 degrees sometimes!! LEDs seem to be the way to go nowadays but the price tag is not so nice. I just priced out some from a company near me and they wanted almost $3000 for only 6 feet with one row of LEDs. I really wish I could do T5s on the 300 but it’ll be almost impossible to get good growth with that kind of depth. Some problems with your livestock I see are angels tend to be coral pickers. Not always but I never have luck with fish doing what they are supposed to lol. My six line doesn’t even eat flatworms the little butthead haha. Also carpet anemones often eat their hosts (clownfish or the occasional damsel) all anemones may eat their hosts but I’ve heard in more cases that a carpet will over any other nem. Also I ha a brittle star and it got HUGE almost 1 1/2 feet from end to end and it started to eat my slower fish. I have seen people with them in a reef but I feel they are better for F/O tanks with larger more aggressive fish. But one thing with saltwater is there is no def when it comes to livestock. Some fish may act the way they are supposed to but usually not lol. If you have any questions though feel free to ask. I suggest (and I’m sure you already have) is to read read read. An then read some more. I did almost a year of reaserch before we even set up our old 55. And I still learn new things every day. But it is wonderful and I love sitting in front of my tank and just watch. Aaaaa I can’t wait to get this 300 up and running!!!

08/11/12  03:36am


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  Message To: Milan   In reference to Message Id: 2276448

 OT: but super excited!!!

I love target feeding them! I have changed a few things, no carpet and no six line. Instead I’ll go with a flasher wrasse. Lot’s of reading already but just like with the iggs you can never know enough. I’m excited though.


08/12/12  12:26am


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  Message To: Boxers4life   In reference to Message Id: 2276529

 OT: but super excited!!!

Good call lol. I like flashers but fairys are my fav. But I can’t have one because I have the sixline. It is so much fun. Very time consuming until everything gets settled but almost maintenance free (well kinda) after a few years. I havnt done a water change in about 10 months and all the params are almost perfect. So all I have I do is top off. Eveap is horrible though. I have to top off 5 gallons every day or two. But r won’t be as dramatic in a 55 I think I topped off 1 gallon every 2-3 days with mine

08/12/12  10:21pm


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  Message To: Milan   In reference to Message Id: 2276590

 OT: but super excited!!!

Yea we got a flasher into our store Friday and I fell in love when I saw him yesterday. He is really shy but starting to come out of the rocks. He came out today and ate really well for me. The flame angel we have ate really well too. I do have one question about topping it off. How do you mix your water to top off. It will only be the 55 so I don’t need a lot of it. And really don’t want to pay 20 every week to buy the water to top it off with.
All I will be using for filtration is the protein skimmer (coralife 125), live rock, live sand and 2 fans.

08/12/12  11:13pm


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  Message To: Boxers4life   In reference to Message Id: 2276596

 OT: but super excited!!!

Oh no no you dot add salt for the top off because when the water evaps the salt does not so the salinity raises when the water evaps. I use rodi water with prime added for my tops off. You only need to add salt for water changes and the salinity must e the same as what’s already in the tank

08/13/12  06:09pm


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  Message To: Milan   In reference to Message Id: 2276664

 OT: but super excited!!!

Ah gotcha, Thanks! This is why talking to people is so important. Reading can only do so much and I can only bug my boss so much. lol
I’ll be using instant ocean products as they are one of the few that will make tap water actually safe to saltwater. Plus it promotes reefs.

08/13/12  11:31pm


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  Message To: Boxers4life   In reference to Message Id: 2276695

 OT: but super excited!!!

yes i learned so much talking to other reefers, i think i learned the most going to my local LFS and talking with the employees who have worked their for years (not so much the new teenagers who are workign after school, they dont seem to know or care) Forums are great too, i like 3reef, i find the people on reef central are very rude and snooty. i just got a new potato chip coral and 2 stripe damsel yesterday too...i may regret the damsel but he is so cute and they gave him to me for only $10 (apparently hes a $40 fish) so i couldnt pass him up!

08/14/12  01:26pm

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