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 Hey everyone!

hey we are doing great and having fun, and she is adjusting well. i dot have a phone and i dont have a comp just yet... sigh so its terrible. but i hope to be able to get a phone soon.

kazul did great on the trip. i didint put him in a reptile bag like i was going to.. cause the bag frayed. so i just put him in his carrier. he loved it! no flipping out or anything..even took him out to look out side lol :) even had him out on the rest stops lol

he settled in great here. they give him all the attention when i bring them out. he gets better food and everything. so he is happier.

emily get to go out alot too. so she is happy . im doing as best as i can right now. trying to ge everything situated and so on. and find a job. lol

just wanted to give you all an update

06/30/12  03:48pm


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  Message To: JessiM   In reference to Message Id: 2271745

 Hey everyone!

Glad to hear from you, we were getting kinda worried. Very happy everything is giong well for you up there and best of luck on finding a job.


06/30/12  05:49pm


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  Message To: Boxers4life   In reference to Message Id: 2271757

 Hey everyone!

well, thank heaven! we’ve been worried. i’m so glad you made it okay and everyone is adjusting well.


06/30/12  07:20pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2271763

 Hey everyone!

I am so glad you are okay!!!!!! As Jesse said, we were worried!

06/30/12  09:08pm


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  Message To: Really   In reference to Message Id: 2271780

 Hey everyone!

yeah good to know you’re all doing great - and yes we were worried lol

07/01/12  05:18am


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Olesen   In reference to Message Id: 2271823

 Hey everyone!

Yes we definitely were!!!!! hehe......glad you’re home and I did look at all the pics on facebook. Love them you!!!!


07/01/12  11:17am

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