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 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

okay so I know all the patrons of the board and there are some new names I dont know...Now I know we have an introduction board but I was thinking that everyone could post here and put a pic of there babies and tell how there doing so maybe I can catch up some on what I’ve missed!

Chris actually gave me the idea when he posted some pretty pics of his baby in the garden and I want to see everyones babies n how there doing so lets make this thread pic heavy and post about your babies!

and if you don’t know me then introduce yourself and post pics :)

Yes it’s been a while and I’m going a little pic crazy but please post I think it’ll be fun!

04/17/12  03:24am


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263045

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

This is Stitch! 4 ft long 4 yrs old

^^This is Alice she about 6 yrs old (aka allister before she laid eggs) had her since she was a hatchling :)

^^^ This is my bf dogs yogi 5 the big one with Koda when he was a puppy

^^^ This is my Meeka 5 and Koda 2.5

^^^ This is Bella our baby she is a yr n half now and she looks just like her mama Meeka now I know it’s irresponisble to have dogs and I know of all the issues but I will have everyone know I am still in touch with the owners of all the puppies and we kept one for ourselves All of the dogs are fixed including all of Meeka’s offspring yay!

04/17/12  03:52am


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263046

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

wow stitch got sooo big..i remember you posting pics of him as a lil monster..and alice a girl! nice little surprise huh lol

cute pups!

here are my 3 children lol

my youngest of the 3 kazul!! my cute lil male lewisi hybrid :) he is doing great!! such a tubby lil guy!!
7 months old yesterday..

my oldest.. mischief.. turning 3 years old soon. lol pacific parrotlet.. and she is finally calming down and being more social... she likes emily lol

and my last beautiful little girl..emily who turned 14 months old today! :) she is so smart and so brave.. loves kazul and mischief. she plays in front of kazuls cage and talks to him :)



04/17/12  11:33am


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263045

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Hello im Milan and ive been on RZ for about 4-5 months now...but enough about me...heres my kids lol!

Arokh, my sweet little Demon haha

Blackbeard the People Eater...not quite so into eating people anymore

Zinder my poor sick baby, he just got back from the vet!(

Morla our ornate box turtle

Bo and Lacey my chihuahuas/loves of my life lol

And my 120 gallon reef tank...also one of my great loves!

And here are me and my fiance Joe

And i think that about sums it all up lol...i too think this is fun and a great way to get to know everyone better!

04/17/12  01:21pm


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  Message To: JessiM   In reference to Message Id: 2263075

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

I don’t think I can post pictures of all of our animals, but you know me, Susan, aka Really or ReallySusan.

Here I am with Kismet, Sebastian, and Tazumal

Here is Ricochet the Sulcatta

Some of our boxies

This is little Miracle, our baby boxie

This is Jamie, one of our softshells

Here is Pleasedontdie, our slider

My human child, Elizabeth, with Kismet

That is enough for one post!

04/17/12  01:53pm


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  Message To: Really   In reference to Message Id: 2263098

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Here are some more pics of our family

Here I am with our greyhounds, Starbuck and Skylar

A funny picture of Elizabeth and Kismet

A sweet picture of Elizabeth and Skylar

E with one of her spiders (and silly glasses)

Bandit Bird, our Orange-winged Amazon

My husband of 22 years this month, Mike, with Kismet on St. Patrick’s Day at Repticon


Andromeda again with Elizabeth

Henry the black cat with Starbuck and Kismet

04/17/12  02:31pm


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  Message To: Really   In reference to Message Id: 2263110

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

My name is Morgan I have been on here for as long as I have had issac around 4 years.
Wow a lot of you guys have so many animals! I have issac he is a handful.

I have had other iguanas 3 others in the past but issac is the only one that has stuck. He is my frist one :)

04/17/12  02:59pm


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263045

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Hey! im pretty new here here are some pics of my new baby:D. Heres when I first got it


I had to put him in here temporarily while the silicone glue dried on his Ledge

Hes really worrying me latley when I put him in here temporarily he spent quite a while trying to climb out then ended up just staying in one place with his eyes closed and ever since then hes been less active and just sits around with his eyes closed. Im not sure why he didnt touch much of his food while in here. but once i put him back in his cage he ate out of my hand which i was axcited about but hes still been sitting around eyes closed a lot of the time. I misted him and it seemed to help quite a bit. could he have been dehydrated? this little baby has really worried me a lot keeping me up at night >.>:

here he is on his new ledge :D.

and I have one question I feel like an idiot the UVB50 fixture that i bought is a desert fixture are these ok to use for my baby iggy or should I go and grab the tropical 25UVB one. If i do need to switch them the fixture came with the bulb would buying just at 25uvb bulb work?

04/17/12  03:58pm


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  Message To: JessiM   In reference to Message Id: 2263075

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

great idea! it’s been a long time since we did an intro post.

this is merlin, a dysfunctional african grey that i rescued from four years in a basement about ten years ago. he’s wild-caught, poor guy. considering how terrified he was when i got him, he’s become quite tame. he has a two-word vocabulary: "h’wo" (hello) and "meow" (very convincing).

this is tiki, a little african senegal parrot i’ve had since he was a baby (right around 1992). he can say, "tiki," "whee," "c’mere," and something that i think is his version of "whatcha doin’."

this is rio, the world’s loudest bird. she’s a sun conure. she and aleister (who remained an "aleister") get along famously:

this is my only remaining cat, sylvester. his sister sneaky-pie died of distemper recently. my two old cats, bitty and chante, both went away at the ages of 20 years and several months, almost exactly one year apart. i raised bitty from about four weeks old and chante was born under my dresser. sylvester is not impressed with aleister at all:

aleister himself, a member of my family for about two and a half years now:

the lovely sini indelwin, also 7 months old yesterday. if there’s anyone left who actually doesn’t know, she is a lewisi hybrid:

the amazingly FAT, formerly starved rescue, pipsqueak, who is about eight and a half years old:

the beautiful miss martie, 8 years old, 4 1/2 feet long, who came to us last year from jessi m:

her and donatello, who is gone now, but i still miss him terribly:

this is ’tello bug when he was little, always exploring:

this is jasper, who is a madagascar giant day gecko. he came to us from a reptile expo in february. so very tiny!

this pic was taken last sunday. he has at least tripled in size:

then the lovely penelope, who came to us from a reptile expo in march (do you see a pattern here?). she’s a sulcata tortoise and her birthday is february 13, 2012:

she and sini are "box buddies" for trips outside to get real sun:

this is marty, the world’s best dog. he’s border collie, queensland heeler and bumblebee. he’s here with his little sister, persephone, who is a chihuahua/honeybee cross. the time stamp is wrong. this was taken last october:

this is mommy:

i think that’s everybody... i’ll proofread.

yep, that’s everybody.


04/17/12  04:18pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2263137

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

marlon soaking up the rays

He should be in a beauty pageant

hanging out


Scarlett, the laziest girl ever

04/17/12  06:47pm


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  Message To: Reed22   In reference to Message Id: 2263171

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Hey everyone been Lurking these forums for about 7 months but only just decided to say hi.

this is my baby girl (i think) makenshi

04/18/12  01:59am


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  Message To: Reed22   In reference to Message Id: 2263171

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Awe what a good turn out thank you everyone I’m still waiting for annie and chris to give me pictures! lol
Hi to everyone new! and thank you my patrons for adding to and of course you can never post to many pics :)

All the babies are looking so good and healthy it warms my heart knowing there are so many pets being so loved and adored!

04/18/12  02:18am


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263241

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

woot woot! i’m with calico! more pics, more pics!

reed, i totally agree with you about marlon. what a pretty face!


04/18/12  06:57pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2263333

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

thanks jesse, i do hope that he keeps the blue on his upper section, its unlikely but would be awesome on a full grown male(he looks like he will be) with the breeding colors.

04/18/12  07:03pm


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  Message To: Reed22   In reference to Message Id: 2263335

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

I heard a rumor that iggies with all the blue that Marlon has are het for blue. Too bad there are so many iggies needing homes to make experimenting a bad idea!

04/18/12  07:20pm


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  Message To: Really   In reference to Message Id: 2263344

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

hmm, sounds good

04/19/12  08:46pm


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  Message To: Reed22   In reference to Message Id: 2263493

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Some of my little herps..

Helo - recently adopted 3yr old male ig

Speedy - tenny tiny Greek tort

Crono - my leucistic male beardie

Ayla - my german giant female beardie (yes she’d chubby, but also gravid so he has an excuse! lol

Their dragon condo

Some misc hatchlings and stuff

04/19/12  10:14pm


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  Message To: Mich_01   In reference to Message Id: 2263503

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

two more:

my one remaining little breeder mouse, jo. when stewie died i stopped breeding pinkies, and the other breeders have slowly passed on of old age. jo is at least two, quite a little old lady for a mouse, but she’s still puttering about:

and one i didn’t have when the post started, the amazingly tiny and cool donatello too (also known as tiny tello):

i came home from meeting today and found him lounging on one of his branches like he thinks he’s big:

no more. no more. for a while. i hope.


04/20/12  04:45pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2263575

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

I’m Lone Cassandra - Here are some of my current animals:

Izzi(e) my green iguane when I first got him/her (last year):

Izzi(e) this year:

My two olive green treeskinks (dasia olivacera) used to have four, but two of them died unfortunately:

I have three small asian housegeckos (Hemidactulys platyurus):

My dog Fifi:

Then I have four birds left - they are very hard to take pictures of, they never sits still, and two little white mouse that I haven’t got a picture of

Enjoy ;) - If you like, I have some pictures of the insects and spiders, that I use to keep lol

04/22/12  10:32am


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  Message To: Olesen   In reference to Message Id: 2263753

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Very beautiful pictures! I love looking at all the spoiled pets lol today is a good day to bathe all the dogs what an event lol I’ll try to get some pics :)

04/23/12  05:09pm


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263936

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Hey laptop will die if I try to post all...but here goes nothing.
I joined RZ back in 2008 ...I was rescuing a Chinese Water dragon ....he was amazing while he battled chronic infections and bone degeneration ...I cried like a baby when he’s and medication wasn’t enough to save him.

Here he is in California in a bush I used to let him bask in...BEST PORTRAIT

Shortly after that I met Annie (Pocochu) and Cloudancer in person for a BBQ...Annie had amazing iggys and CWD as well as CloudDancer in Central Calif. Was great to be invited up and share.

Annie and CD taught me all about humidifiers and raising insects....then I met Dragonlover ,Edel, when she asked me to repair her computer over the phone ....I walked her through it...Charlea (Charlie) wanted to give me a bearded dragon...but Edel had another wind fall....snakes!! Her friend went out of the pet store business and needed to re home these...
STAR female (Okette)

GOLDIE (escaped in Utah, normal female)

Crusher (5 ft Creamsicle male) old man ...eats large rats and small rabbits easily

GANDOLF (snow Bull snake). He recently had to be euthanized due to cancer of the lower intestines.

I prepared for another life Utah with Edel also close to some of my family members and Mom. I was about to start my 2nd childhood...
So the snakes came to Calif. via Charlea ..then back to Utah when I moved there

Built enclosures for Edels BD’s and helped rescue Uma the Rainbow Boa
Uma is blind in 1 eye and we tried surgery and medicine to save it... she was on the brink of death and we are so glad she is with us to this day !!

Made a branch for her and anyone who likes to climb it.

Later we got Baskin and Robbins from another member here...Baskin was the runt of the litter as I requested it...She is huge today!!
Blue Tongue skinks (the ice cream twins)Back when...5/26/2009 just 6 weeks old

Today Almost 2 years ...about 20" long and I forget the gram weight

A local Forest ranger gave me my first Florida King..!!
Uinta( a mountain range here)

Then another guy on RZ gave me a Hypo Florida King as he was breeding milk snakes and this one didn’t fit his plans.
Malibu (after a beach in Calif.)

I have more pics of him somewhere he is a 5’ monster and eats small rabbits like no tomorrow...
Edel has 2 beautiful corn snakes ...a true yellow Butter and an Amel...see her facebook albums
Later I bred Star and Edel’s Joe (amel corn) and had some cute baby noodles....

Sold some and kept 2...the Amels sold fast!!

OK so the same pet store that went out of business gave Maxine to Edel’s friend Pam , known here as "PAMMY GIRL" her son was supposed to take care of Maxine but then they got a dog, who chewed on Maxine like a toy...she was in dire straits, poorly fed and in the cold more often than not.
We got her and spoiled her like no other...built ramps and made the living room well as the front window. Edel used to hold Cleo/Maxine at the out of business pet store for hours when they visited.
It was a secret dream to have an iggy and even more amazing to get Cleo/ Maxine..!!
Her real name was Cleo...but everyone on RZ said it was a HE I named it Max, but our vet confirmed Max was a she...So Maxine it was !!
After 3 months of good temps and proper food she became gravid and refused to eat ...not passing the eggs we opted to have her spayed to save her life.
We waited till the last minute hoping she would lay...but the lay box turned into a potty box instead ...viola potty
Riding home for the first time with Edel ...

Charlea with Maxine

Cleo/ Maxine in red gravid color phase...3 years old

This was after the surgery...yes we got the eggs and bagged them up for this shot to show the massive amount of eggs...and the depression in her abdomen is accented by the shadow/ direction of light , perfectly..!

Within 4-6 weeks she was climbing again and stitches were out...GAINING WEIGHT AND EATING 2 BOWLS OF SALAD A DAY


On the rat cage

Ready for her close up

Lawn Lizard

Climbed the neighbors fence in 5 seconds ...thank Gawd she stopped there.

Can I have some apple pie ??

Her Lighting

Her bed 8’ up (which is greatly improved with Charlea’s hand made /filled blanket)

Thank you Charlea

Charlea brought Isadora Ben Kelly’s adopted iggy to visit....

Now I have other snakes ...a calif king a RTB and a Reticulated python
someone was moving and I took in this CAli...
Sweet first snake at age 12...memories first RTB from a girl in trouble with her landlord
At 4’ and maybe 1.5 years

Today a year or more has passed at 6’ and growing like a weed...rabbit fed (remember that branch)

And finally the piece d’ resistance ...Retic...what a story he was ...another day maybe or go to the reticulated python forum and see my many posts.
10 Feet of muscle....fantastic personality!!

The neighbor girl loves him...

Rats and mice and rabbits all are raised here ...breeding for sale and reptile diets.
I love my rats and isn’t easy to feed them off at times. I have now established relationships with professional breeders of both so I don’t have to raise as many.
My rats...the patriarch and matriarch
Matildude (was matilda , but oops , was a boy)and Wesson our first Momma
baby Matildude

Edel has lots of great pics of these 2 ...we cried when they passed...they are buried in the garden out back. Their bloodlines live on and on.

Rabbits ...New Zealands and a few other ...REX are so soft.

Pumpkin started it all...a 5.00 rabbit with ear mites that Edel took to the cost 120.00...LOL
She has yet to earn her keep but she is special

OK ...have fun !!!...Love what you do ...and keep posting pictures !!

04/24/12  03:26am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2264012

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Chris you make me feel better about myself lol I thought maybe I was nuts to want all of my little loves and still wanting to add another 2 or 3 haha. Plus people at work tell me I am cut off lol. My friends are going to start an Intervention I swear but if I hear one more word about having too many pets I’ll show them your kids lol. I always say as long as ou have the time, money, love, and know how you can have as many pets as you like! It’s people who are never home, can’t afford food and vetting, dont take the time to learn,and think that their pets a replaceable possession that have problems! All your babies are gorgeous. I badly want a snake but I find myself leaning towards the larger snakes and a 12 foot snake+2 chihuahuas=possible disaster so I will wait until I have either no dogs or a bigger dog. Which I hope is in a million years ecause I will be a wreck when Bo and Lacey pass.

04/25/12  01:43pm


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  Message To: Milan   In reference to Message Id: 2264197

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Wow look at all those pets! I don’t know how you find the time for so many I feel stretched between 4 dogs 2 lizards 2 kids and my bf lol but I did however notice that i never posted pics of the 2 boys
so this is Devin (13) and Adin (7) and rob my bf

oh and the sign their standing next to is dedicated to my father he/we cleaned up that area because it had a natural springs and to preserve the wildlife that lived back in there it was for one of my moms girl scouts gold award jenifer and my dad worked for a long time to preserve it and get it recognized as a preservation park :)

04/25/12  06:10pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Milan   In reference to Message Id: 2264197

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

ROFL I will continue the list:

We have 14 Bearded Dragons:





Erulisse.....this little lady is a bit sick. We found out she has leukemia. She is not moving her legs and just scoots with her arms.





Beleg.....little gimpy guy that came to me from a clutch of an inbred brother and sister pair of beardies. He, Ohtar, Ainu and Giliath are from the same clutch



Blue.....the miracle Beardie.

I have to tell the story......I walked into the dragon room one day and Blue was having a seizure. Once it was done, I picked her up, gave her a warm bath and rushed her to the vet. By the time we got to the vet’s she was dead. The vet checked her three times, listened to her heart, tried to get her to react to different heart beat, not breathing, no movement. I took Blue home and wrapped her in a little towel. Placed her on the bed so she would be comfortable (i know, right....I have no idea but I did that LOL). When Chris got home from work we sat on the couch and talked about it....after about half an hour he said he would go get the shovel so we could bury her. I went to get her from the bed and she started moving. We rush to the vet’s again. Vet is amazed and just can’t believe it. Said the only thing that made sense was that, just like in humans who have seizures, there must be a time of non responsiveness. Because reptiles have such a slower metabolism, it makes sense that it would take her longer to come around. Who knows, but it was a very scary thing and we’re glad she’s still around. She is so so Sweet. :)

The Butter Corn...Laurea Nar (Chris calls him Joey. LOL)



Elenya Nar...per Chris, Joe. LOL

Mantee.....Lived with us for about four months or so:

Would eat out of our hands, climb on us and gave us four beautiful egg sacs, one which hatched in the kitchen:

For size is about three days old:

My favorite Retic photo: lol

You met my Beautiful baby Uma.....we do have a special bond:

One of my favorite pictures of Maxine’s:

I think that’s it. LOL


04/25/12  06:13pm


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2264235

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Some of you know me from the Bearded Dragon forum.

I am Charlie, my nickname since birth. (Short for Charlene)

I have been on the dragon forum since Feb of 2006.

Here are my babies!

Bobbie Jo (she just pasted the end of Dec.) I had her parents and raised her from an egg. She was the sweetest dragon of all.

Wilson, I got him from Mike Stites (Crixs-n-wiggles) in the summer of 2006.

This is Draco. I bought her from a lady near Los Angeles. She was her daughter’s and she had gone off to college. I’ve had her about 4 years. She is now 9 years old.

This is Luna. I got her from Edel in I think Jan 2004.

This is Giselle, Luna’s sister. I got the both when I went to visit Edel.

I also have 3 more dragons, Tanji, Angel and Bob.

I will have to get back on here again soon to post the rest of my babies.


04/25/12  09:42pm


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  Message To: Chrlea   In reference to Message Id: 2264253

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

bump for seb.

05/14/12  09:03pm


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  Message To: Calico   In reference to Message Id: 2263045

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

Ok I wanted to post on this thread because I feel like I never really introduced myself or my zoo of a family even though I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now…So here it goes!

This is Braelyn, my beautiful 2 year old whom I love & adore with all that I have.

This is Speed Racer, our cat. His mom, Black Mama, just passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Fransisco the Beta Fish

Braelyn & Molly (Rottweiler & German Shepard mix)

Braelyn & Lola (Molly’s daughter...Rott, German Shepard, and Pitbull mix)

Benny my 6 month old Ball Python

And last, but not the very least, is my baby boy, Oscar!!!!

05/31/12  05:34pm


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  Message To: Makenzie   In reference to Message Id: 2268336

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

05/31/12  11:14pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2268363

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

thanks chris. there aren’t enough people on here yet. thanks for formally introducing yourself, makenzie.


05/31/12  11:42pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2268369

 Hey everyone read this! Pic heavy

bumping up because we have new people and new pets.


06/09/12  05:07pm

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