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 Need help with house geckos

About three years ago I started seeing these strange lizards all over the place after dark. I did a web search tonight for nocturnal lizards and found out these are Mediterranean House Gecko’s. I grew up here and we never had anything that looked like this. After talking to some others, I found out these things started showing up in Southwest Mississippi and East Central Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. From the post I see some people keep Gecko’s as pets. Not to offend anyone , but these critters are over running the area. What’s a good way to get rid of them? Is it possible now that there must be millions around here? If you want some, come and get them, PLEASE!

04/21/13  09:36pm


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 Need help with house geckos

They are there to stay im afraid, unless you want to start killing them off yourself. They are invasive, but will keep the bug population down in your area. I suggest just leaving em alone and let them do their thing. They are harmless to you, but not sure what kind of effect they are having on the environment in your specific location.
Catch a couple and keep em as pets, i loved mine to death when i kept them :)
If you decide to keep any, contact me and id be happy to give you some good material to read on for proper care.
Good luck.


04/25/13  03:34am


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  Message To: Gman39120   In reference to Message Id: 2296037

 Need help with house geckos

Hey, that’s really interesting that they showed up after Katrina -- they have already overrun virtually all of Florida and probably hitchhiked their way on floating debris! There actually are a couple of other types similar to the Mediterranean (the Indo-Pacific and Amerafrican) that are also found here in Florida and could be confused with it, but one thing is certain -- once they have invaded your area, they are there to stay.

04/25/13  04:18pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2296262

 Need help with house geckos

hey there,
I am trying to figure out how to sex my house geckos. I know that adult males are hostile towards other adult males. But I don’t know which of my lizards are males and which ones are. Currently they are still young.

And on a side note, I also want to know if there’s any common pet reptile that eats house geckos?

09/23/14  03:43am

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