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 What yall think about leasing my horse??

So I don’t get to spend as much time with my horse, it gets costly for my dad, and he’s getting up there in age. My friend suggested leasing him. The person that might lease him just lost her horse. I thought since I’m going into the military, it would would out good for everyone. What do you guys think?

11/20/12  09:20pm


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  Message To: XXLizardWizardXx   In reference to Message Id: 2285957

 What yall think about leasing my horse??

Your biggest issues will be an ironclad contract, a clear defining of who will pay what, when. IE if there is major surgery needed, what provisions will you have for who pays the co-pay, who will carry the insurance.
And you need to have a provision for Loss of Use, major injury, death. Injury to the horse, IF the horse injures a person, another horse, or to property such as barn/fencing/house/vehicle.
ALSO, I really hate to say this...Don’t lease to a friend.
More friendships are lost due to leasing or loaning to a friend or relative.
Simply ask around.. and don’t say "Oh this won’t happen to me".. just watch The People’s Court or Judge Judy.
Here is an article that was in a recent issue of Horse Illustrated

Who will be responsible if the board bill isn’t paid? Do you want to lose your horse due to some one not paying the board bill?
Also what ever decision you decide, you will need to have a Power of Attorney drawn up for your father to have, esp. if you decide to join the military.
And you need to have a clear picture in your head, not your heart, and you need to be honest, with 3-4 yrs that you might be overseas, OR not in a place where you can keep your horse. You might do the best thing and let your friend either have him, or buy him for a reasonable amount of money. Keep your tack though, that is worth its weight in gold!

Just some thoughts. I know I ended up doing that, after I bought a horse while in the US Navy. I ended up selling her because I was gone 6 months at a time in deployment over seas OR not at home, and she sat with my aunt who cared for her while I was in Japan and Alaska.

11/24/12  09:58pm

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