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Hello there,

Im in the "research" stage of coming to own a percheron. I have owned quarter horses, but ridden alot of other breeds.

Is there anything i should be aware of that is different in the care of a perchie? I know they are prone to some skin issues because of their feathering on their feet, but i think goes with most horses if the ground is not suitable for them.

Im mainly concerned most about feeding. Are there any beneficial supplements or a certain feed mix i should focus on?

02/07/11  01:29pm


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As I have a draft

Apple cider vinegar in the food is a big plus, expect to feed a VERY good feed My guy gets this as his feed 2x a day

1scoops strategy
1scoop beet pulp
1scoop rice bran
I also add 1/2 a cup apple cider vinegar for joints...they are VERY prone to the shakes, VERY prone to joint issues VERY prone to allergies with flies VERY high maintance

MAKE SURE you can find a ferrier that WILL do draft feet not all will and those that do will charge extra they take a lot more care then a QH are worth to ride I currently have a Belgian Now

they also KNOW they are big and take constant work....

02/19/11  12:57am


Fairy Frog Mother
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A friend of friends of mine has a black percheron...and there is this great shot of him in the ring facing off with her as shes getting him to turn and go the way he Doesnt like to go...and you can see the intellegence and the attitude in his face like "You want me to do WHAT?!? I dont think so, Lady." He did do it, but not without giving her attitude.
*chuckles* Ahh the joys of owning a very smart horse.

02/22/11  01:12pm

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