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 Long time no post but here I am.

Hi All, missed you tons!!
I have a 3rd horse now, done a lot of rescuing here and there..
AND drum roll please...
I am officially training horses, only a few, but have 3 clients with a total of 10 horses, but also ride the greenies for my barn owner...
Finally at the ripe old age of... 40.. yep old timer...
So one client has two big fat QH geldings, former lesson horses, who are not as they were said to be, one is good, the other is so herd bound.. he is a major handful to ride out alone, guess who gets to do that?? yep me. He has a pony that I do a lot of line driving with and lunging, a 2 yr old that wasn’t fed right so is a bit stunted, so he is a project for me to start next year, but lots of ground work, manners and mild lunging with a saddle on, or just mild lunging.. He got a weanling, and I found him a great older former show horse who hates that and wants to be a trail horse now!!
One client has a QH/Halflinger cross gelding and a HUGE 15.3 HH nasty minded QH mare that was started and not green broke like they thought, and they are rank amateurs. Bad thing there.. I am trying to either work with the mare to get her better or saying they need to sell her and buy a good quiet gelding.
The other is a good friend of my BO, she took a nasty spill of a mare many years ago and broke her pelvis, she is only allowed to ride ponies, large ones.. I am the one who puts miles on them for her.. ya me. LOL
I am also dog and horse sitting or feeding as needed for all the above or their friends..
My poor horses still think of me as the treat lady.. since they are not getting ridden much.
SO busy, busy.. and mostly out of snakes and tarantulas now.. I have chickens, and 4 king snakes and 3 T’s.. for those that knew me.. I had a lot more!! LOL
Ta for now

06/17/10  12:15am


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2156405

 Long time no post but here I am.

welcome back! Im not around much either I am on vacation atm with my parents going and taking care of the farm in my absence..I went through a pretty upsetting time and since July is busy (My birthday husband and mine anniversary and he just pinned on Captain with the USAF) he brought me to GA...really hard being away from the critters this long!!

Glad to see you back though!

07/08/10  12:21am

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