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 I swear i must be cursed!?

I’m in the middle of a horse shop after the share loan on my old pony was cancelled due to the owner being an owner from hell.

We started off looking for something that was an off-farm full loan (lease) and we found one, he was pretty much perfect but the owners decided that they wanted an older person that tried him to have him as i’m 15 and this woman is 25.

So then we started looking into buying. I found a gorgeous 15.2 OTTB mare. The ad said she has a cosmetic scar on her front leg and that she is completely safe. I got on and was on her for 10 minutes and as soon as i started trotting we found out she was lame and the owners were trying to deceive us. Funnily enough that leg with the "cosmetic scar" was the one that was lame. They said she was completely safe but she got very nervous from my mum just walking around her while i was sat on her and she even started backing up and going sideways. I could feel that she wasn’t holding herself or her it and she was just leaning on my hands so i hopped off and we handed her to her owners and left.

We’ve rang 2 other owners, one of them gets very strong and can’t do the things i want to do and the other is thought to be sold by the end of this weekend as she’s a bargain warmblood.

And another person owns 2 ponies near us and gave us the number of the people that are looking after them and we can’t get through to them.

Now i’m starting to feel like this is going to take so much longer than we thought it would.

How long did it take until you found your horse(s)?
What do you think of this little mare?

14.2 Pretty Bay Mare For Sale
Registered Part-Bred NF, 5 years.
Regulary wormed and trimmed, Fully vaccinated.
Has been schooled over past few months and has started jumping, proving to be a real star for the future. Hacked around the fields and quiet roads. Would make perfect PC/RC Hunting allrounder with a little more work, a fun friendly pony who is always the first one over to you in the field and loves being worked.

That’s one of the mares that we can’t get hold of the carers of which is so typical!

06/04/10  08:34pm


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  Message To: NF_Pony_Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2153145

 I swear i must be cursed!?

shes cute and it took me a little ovr a month to find my 14.2 paint gelding...

06/07/10  09:52pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: CowgirlPatch   In reference to Message Id: 2154107

 I swear i must be cursed!?

Ive seen others impatient to get their own, and ending up with either too much horse for them, or not enough. The right horse for you will show up. Just keep your eyes open. In the meantime, perhaps take an ad out to see if anyone needs someone to exercise their horse9s) for them while they are on Holiday- and train under a good trainer to strengthen your skills. That’s what Id do anyhow.

07/10/10  03:02pm


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  Message To: NF_Pony_Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2153145

 I swear i must be cursed!?

It took my about 2 months to find my awesome horse, A Dazzling Grand Slam. Good luck- you’ll need it!

09/22/10  05:57pm


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  Message To: Toadis   In reference to Message Id: 2176826

 I swear i must be cursed!?

It took me about six months to find the right horse, I tested a ton before I found my boy, you’ll know when you find the right horse, good luck :)

11/13/10  01:15am


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  Message To: NF_Pony_Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2153145

 I swear i must be cursed!?

DO not rush into buying. What my family did was we were working with a trainer who we trusted very much, and brought her with us to see the horses.. We were looking for about 2 or 3 months. And I had the same problem you did. Either lame of unconfident under saddle. as it happens we actually had a 17.2hh tb that was off the track and wasnt really broke trailer to the vet becuse we were going to buy him; well he had huge bone problems and really needed to be pt down. Now sounds sad but there is a good ending, that same day my trainer told me about this little Arabian mare that wasnt what we were looking for, but might be worth looking at. SO we met her out at this property and met this little two year old mare. Low and Behold we bought her three days later. NOw she was and is unbroke but it was the best decision and I am so glad that I didnt rush into getting one of the other horses. Its worth the wait if you get the right one :)

08/21/11  02:20pm


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  Message To: BeardyLover818   In reference to Message Id: 2233617

 I swear i must be cursed!?

You might look at places to share board, or do a partial lease.
I would stay away from OTTB unless they have had time to unwind and get the drugs out of their system, and have had some re-training. You can also look to see if there is a rescue that might let you do a free loan/lease.

11/24/12  10:19pm


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2286254

 I swear i must be cursed!?

A great website is you can find any breed, specialization, color, and many more in your area!

12/05/12  09:11pm

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