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 Windsucking Neighbour

I have 2 Frisian mares :) Tilly and Frilly (they’re twins, my uncle owns their mother.) They are eight years old :)

Buuuuut.. Tilly and Frilly and in stalls beside each other. There’s and Arab in the stall beside Tilly who windsucks :/ I’m worried she might pick up the habbit. But I try my best to keep them from getting bored. They have a ball in their stall that they LOVE to play with. And when I feed them oats I spread them around the stall so they have to look and find them. Plus I take them out into the field to play and run with other horses, and with me to throw the ball (fetch lol) for them. Plus they play football xD I do this for about 4 hours a day and ride& train them for about 3-4 hours. Plus they do lessons for children.

But I’m worried she’ll try to copy him.. Lol, when she lived with her mom a pony was in beside them who could open the stall door. Tilly copied him and she learned to open it too xD

What are the chances she might start?

04/24/10  11:14am


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 Windsucking Neighbour

im not sure, but i have an 8 year old paint gelding and he does the same thing and i know its not a good habit, but he just wont break it! i cant stand it, and im not sure what to do to get him to stop...

05/09/10  06:38pm

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