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 I dont know what to do

I am having some trouble riding. See I take lessons and I am a green rider. So me and my friend went out on a trail ride. Now Ive been on trail rides before and this was not like any trail ride Ive been on before. The guy that is friends with my friend had us do some crazy things. We were going up and down really steep hills and galloping through the woods jumping over logs etc. He said he wanted to do endurance trail riding. I felt that I wasn’t ready to do things like this and so I told them I wasn’t going to go anymore. I felt bad because even though I didn’t fall I was afraid and felt like I let everyone down. My second problem is that when I was riding the horse it was a guys horse and he was a great horse but the way I was told to ride him went against what I was taught in lessons and I was confused. Everything I did was wrong and I was getting frustrated. So was it wrong to be cowardly and pass on a chance to get better? Or right to play it safe and back out? We were riding western and both my friend and this guy knew I was a green rider. Thanks in advance!

04/12/10  05:21pm


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  Message To: Psyblaze16   In reference to Message Id: 2140091

 I dont know what to do

First rule of horseback riding, never place yourself or the horse ina dangerous can NOT get better if you get hurt, and if your uncomfortable you’re likely to make the horse uncomfortable as well... you are taught one way the guy wants you to ride another..this added to your discomfort.

He and your friend need to respect the fact that you are a green rider period...galloping through woods jumping logs is for advanced riders..up and down really steep hills is great for learning and using muscles but can be dangerous...Granted I do similar here in oklahoma but i ride the way I was taught and I ride MY horse because then people cannot tell me how to ride.
you cannot get better if you lack confidance..ask yourself YOU think you can handle the riding? it does not matter what we say it is what YOU feel comfortable...Endurance riding is not kosher for inexperiance, if you feel comfortable then go for it, if not it does not mean that you are ’scared’ confidance takes time to build hon and noone can tell you that you are ready but YOU. stick to what you were taught stick to your lessons, if the horse responds then there is no reason you cannot imply your training, the guy needs to understand everyone rides different if he is using the horse for competition then don’t let anyone else ride, it is why I have two horses now NOONE gets on, because I do not want the training screwed..if he has an issue with other people riding he shouldn’t offer his horse period.

but please tell me you at least wore a helmet hon :-) remember you know what you’re capable of...the decision is yours do not let anyone look down on you if you decide to sit back for awhile

04/12/10  08:25pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2140154

 I dont know what to do

I havent ridden in years but love horses.
My first thought is Good for you for sticking to your guns, saying "No Im not ready" and following your instincts. Decisions like that will save your horses life and yours. Endurance riding is for people who have trained for endurance with their partner...the horse.

If someone handed me that opportunity right now, I would say " Oh that sounds really awesome and looks like great fun. May I take a rain check and come back when I am a stronger rider?"
Or something that thanks them for the opportunity, but lets them know you know you don’t know what you are doing yet. (Or they don’t care and you don’t gel with the way that man trains his horses)

I have a strong feeling that with the proper training, persistence on your part, and self confidence, you could end up being able to out ride them on a horse with whom you’ve bonded with and really become a team. If that is where you wish to take your riding.

04/18/10  05:17am


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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2141436

 I dont know what to do

whatever you are not comfortable with, dont do it! u dont wana make you and ur horse scared...i just got done taking lessons a couple months ago, but i couldnt afford it anymore, but now i have a horse of my own and we r great together, but he has been acting up latley so i am considering selling him...but i am not sure yet...

05/13/10  10:34pm


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  Message To: Psyblaze16   In reference to Message Id: 2140091

 I dont know what to do

I swear i’ve read this question before... Was it on Yahoo Answers?
Anyway, never do something you aren’t comfortable with. I learnt that one the hard way where i was so desperate to make everyone else happy and to fit in that i pushed myself too far, stayed on every time but i lost my confidence because i didn’t have the experience and the only reason i stayed on was because i used the "just do it and hold on like a passenger." And i lost my confidence because i was scared and i wasn’t ready for that kind of thing.
Always go by your own safety and your horses too. If they didn’t like it then tough, i’m sure they definitely wouldn’t like it if you were carted off to A & E.
The fact that they knew you were a green rider just makes it even worse, they could have done what they wanted to and kept someone next to you so when one went galloping and going up and down the hills, there would be someone holding back so your horse wouldn’t bolt then the first person could come back and the other person could go.
I advise not going on a trail ride when that guy is around and tell your friend that you aren’t ready, that you’re a green rider and you don’t feel comfortable going so fast and pulling dangerous tricks and stunts like that yet. If your friend doesn’t like it then don’t go on a trail ride with her. Rather she goes alone or with that guy than you breaking your back and putting a horses health in danger.

Well done for backing out basically. :)

06/05/10  07:44pm

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