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 Haven’t Posted in a While

Well, not much has happened, actually. xDD I still have Creamy and Whisper.

Esperanza has been a fail. I haven’t ridden her in like, forever. Our arena is knee deep in snow, and we haven’t been able to afford board at our barn. So, whatever. I was supposed to go to a schooling show on the 17th, but that’s not going to happen. I was supposed to show for real in April, too, but I don’t think that’s going to happen either.

Creamy is going to have to leave. He jumps over EVERYTHING. He keeps getting into the neighbors and then we get in trouble because he eats their bushes. We even resorted to putting him in our arena(5 foot fences all around) with one of the ponies, but guess what? He jumped that, too. He’s what? 13-14 hands? And he jumps 5 feet. I’m really disappointed that he has to leave, since he’s been the only one I’ve been riding. Turns out, he’s probably the soundest horse we have. He’s the only one besides Legend that I trust on the trail. But Legend won’t canter. Creamsicle will as long as I have a crop. I really wanted to jump him, too. Oh well.

03/06/10  10:58am

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