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 Fun Pitures + Upates!

Updates First:

The biggest update we have is that the wheather changed really, really quick. We had two horses(Tristen and Espy) colic today, and Legend("calm" schooling pony) was a bucking bronco. For being a 20 year old schooling pony, he threw some pretty good bucks. Twisting ones, leaping ones, etc.

Anyways, the horses that coliced are doing fine We’re watching them closely.

Now for the fun pics!:

Our new schooling pony, Legend(20 year old chincoteague pony):

Costume ride(On a pony that wasn’t mine.) I was an elf from Lord of he Rings(hence the bow):

One of the pulling draft horses at Disneyland:

Tristen laying down:

Our barbados sheep ram:

A bunch of the horses/goats/sheep all together(just a fraction of the animals on my farm):





Feedback on everything would be MUCH appreciated!

11/12/09  07:31pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2094834

 Fun Pitures + Upates!

All I can say is you have awesome horses :D

11/13/09  12:53am


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2094834

 Fun Pitures + Upates!

I kinda hate to say it..
Unless you have a bill of sale on the chincotegue pony... he really doesn’t look the type..
he looks like a shetland..
I work with a shetland that is black with four white feet and one and a 1/2 blue eyes...
nice outfits too, and nice pics of lots of the critters....

11/19/09  09:10pm


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2096997

 Fun Pitures + Upates!

Thanks, Jenova! =D

And I know he’s not a Chincoteague pony. lol. Our farrier doesn’t think so either. I never really believed it.

BUT, I also don’t think he’s a shetland. He’s too big for the average shetland, and his legs aren’t short enough.

In that first picture, I was standing higher than him(on a dirt hill), so the pic makes his legs look really short and makes him look small. I only used it because it shows his color way better than other pictures.

There’s a picture that shows his size better.

He’s bigger than this white pony(me on top, and I’m 5’2’’)

We haven’t actually measure him, but he’s a medium, so we think he’s about 13.2-13.3 hands.

So I don’t really know what he is. I don’t think he’s a shetland, though. For one thing, his mane is very very rarely pulled and it doesn’t grow like a shetland’s does.

11/19/09  09:52pm

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