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 You Know Those Bad Riding Days?

Well, I’m having a lot of them.

It’s been a while, so I just thought I’d update a little bit on all my horses.

Espranza’s(8 year old grey appendix, my horse) being a bit difficult. I haven’t ridden her in a few months because of an injury and other things, and I’ve just started up again. So far, I’ve gotten a lot of bucks and bulging and just in general being bad. My main problem with her is that she’s being sensitive and quick. I have to barely touch her(I mean NO pressure, just contact) with my legs and she just goes. It takes a lot to slow her down and I’m nervous at the canter because she goes so fast and it’s not a huge space and I’m afraid she’ll slip or hurt herself. So far, I’ve had my mom ride first and than I ride, and it’s a little better, but eh.

Tristen(9 year old bay thoroughbred, my mom’s horse) has been really good. I ride him whenever I have time, and he’s the only one behaving perfectley.

Disney(20 year old bay thoroughbred, my mom’s horse) isn’t being ridden because he lost a shoe. he actally stepped on his own shoe and pulled it off on accident.

Legend(20 year old buckskin Chincoteague pony, schooling pony) isn’t being worked because I don’t have time right now.

Ember(3 year old chestnut sabino welsh pony, my pony), well, it’s been hard. I put a lot of work into her goundwork wise and got her to the point I could sit on her bareback. I finally put a saddle on her, and she was great. Went perfect. Not quick, didn’t spook, no bucking, and has the smoothest trot I could ever imagine. The second time I put a saddle on her, I mounted and she immedately threw me, stepped on her reins and snapped them off. So I replace the reins and try again today. I turn her out, and try to tack up in the ring. I guess she’s still a bit head shy, because I put the reins over her head, she lost her crap and took off. She broke the bridle completely. I feel really guilty because my mom can’t really afford to buy another bridle, but we need one for the other pony(we only had one pony bridle). I guess what upset me most about it was that when I told my mom, she said I’m not allowed to ride Ember anymore. This sucks, because I’ve been the only one working with her groundwork wise, and I taught her to lunge and to wear tack and to be less headshy. I rode her for the first time in her life, and now I’m not allowed to ride her anymore, even though I taught her everything. I was really excited to get her going, because it would have been such an accomplishment to know I trained her, but now I’m not allowed to.

On the other hand, out arena is finally done. It’s 180 ft by 70 ft and we put angular sand and rubber footing in it. Now I can ride in the snow, when it’s wet, and when it’s dry. It’s really nice. We already have some clients wanting to use our ring as well as some clients that want to learn to ride(my mom is going to be the instructor), and we’ve got most of the horses working.

11/04/09  07:48pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2092075

 You Know Those Bad Riding Days?

Also, does anyone have any tips for getting over the fear of horses falling on you? Ever since my old horse, Henry, slipped on the trail and fell on me, I’ve been afraid. I won’t make quick turns and I’m always afraid on the trail if we go down a slope or over the logs, even if we’re just walking.

I honestly don’t know why I’m so afraid of it, because I didn’t even think about it before Henry fell on me, and I didn’t even get hurt. Yeah, it hurt my leg so bad, but there was no actual injury. Ironically, I’m not afraid of horses bucking, and there was one time when a horse bucked me 10 feet in the air, and broke my collarbone, tore my bicep, and severed a nerve in my arm. So I get actual injuries from bucking, and I’m not afraid of it afterwards, but when a horse falls on me and I don’t get hurt, I’m terrified of it.

Any tips?

11/04/09  09:22pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2092101

 You Know Those Bad Riding Days?

Keep riding to the best of your ability, and face those fears. Dont allow them to stop you from doing what you love.

Treat your fear the way you do working through groundwork with the horses. Challange it a little in a comfortable and safe surrounding. ( IE trail rides with your mom or something, down a slope.)

11/06/09  01:16pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2092101

 You Know Those Bad Riding Days?

I really don’t know what to say about a fear of a horse falling ON you...
I would talk to a trainer to help you figure out when riding on the trail, what things you can do to make you feel in control and safe.
My biggest suggestion is the one rein stop, if the horse spooks, or goes faster than you want it to...
You can pull the head with one rein to your knee/foot, and get them to yield the hind end, even a little. It stops forward progress, and helps you keep control.
You can work on from the ground even with just a halter and lead rope at first. then in an arena, in the saddle then at the walk, trot, and when you feel comfortable, at a canter.. It shuts a horse down.
Clinton Anderson teaches it.
Also so does Denis Reis, I taught to my hubby, who is a beginner rider, and he uses it when need be and feels much safer.

11/07/09  01:08am


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2092879

 You Know Those Bad Riding Days?

Thanks for the responses. I’ve been trying to challenge it a little bit at a time, but I get kind of nervous and anxious and my horse is really sensitive to that and starts taking advantage on me. I could use the schooling pony, but I’m really not that scared of him falling.

My horse can’t go on trail rides, because she’s really spooky and likes to go fast in whatever direction she feels like(could end up being the road)

I tried the one rein stop today. I was riding the schooling pony, and I went over a bigger jump than he usually goes over and he was going really fast towards the fence(he doesn’t stop until the very very last second which sometimes makes me fall off), so I pulled his head to my foot like you said and he kind of turned a bit, stopped and got a little mad. It’s works, though. Thanks for the tip.

I think I’m getting better with it. Since I’m trying to get Espy working again(she’s being really quick and bulging and bucking and being difficult), every time I go over a crossrail she’ll go really fast afterwards, so I have to make a sharp turn to not hit the fence, and I’m getting less nervous about doing it.

Plus, I went over small crossrails with my welsh pony cross filly(her first time doing crossrails), and she didn’t quite make it over and knocked it all down and fell to her knees and almost onto her side(I pushed into the other stirrup to help balance her) and I stayed pretty calm considering that’s what I’ve been afraid of the whole time.

Thanks for the tips.

11/08/09  02:19am

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