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I WON!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dances* BOTH my classes!!! EQ and Pleasure!! Tuffy’s such a doll, she was awesome, though she did throw in a couple bucks in the EQ class

(this was in pleasure, so excuse my bad EQ

10/27/09  06:56pm


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I told you!!!
Being with the rank, bucking, racing around Mozart... He taught you alot..
And now you have a great horse to ride and you are doing GREAT!!!
I am soo proud of you and all your accomplishments

10/30/09  11:37pm


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2090208


aaaww *wipes tear from eye*

Thanks sooo much! You’re right, I was thinking the whole day about how much Mo taught me; I figured out how to handle bigger, flashier horses! Currently in practice I’m riding a gaited ASB called Tonto- yes, huntseat! I’m the only one who has ever ridden him with a normal English saddle, and one of the only ones to ride him, period. I’ve been riding there for three months and in my first session he took me off the "starter pony" Lu, and moved me up to this gorgeous advanced QH, Tuffy’s Bay Lass. after two more weeks riding her, he moved me up to TONTO. You should have seen one of the girl’s faces, it was PRICELESS! She’s been riding longer than I have, on push button ponies and such. She’s been riding there for two years and she just last month rode in her first show, STILL on Lu!! I’m entered in the winter tournaments, my next show is a week from tomorrow Mozart really taught me how to ride, not a push button backyard pony :)

thanks so much again montessa!

10/31/09  09:57am

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