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YAY!! OMIGOSH! On October 18th, I’m competing for the first time in NEARLY THREE YEARS. I’m SOOO excited!! I’ve been wanting to get back out on the circuit for a long time, but have had some pretty major setbacks, i.e. broken teeth, hand, foot and NEARLY broken jaw! My new trainer is awesome!! We’ve been really working to get me over the fears george left me with, and I’m fear-free once again! (not tryning to make it a sob story, just stating a fact )
PLUS it’s my first EVER Huntseat EQ show!! I JUST started it two months ago, or less I think... My new trainer has serious over-confidence issues (LOL)
I’ll be riding Tuffy’s Bay Lass. Usually I ride an AMAZING ASB called tonto (yes, huntseat! he even does the high-stepping and high head carriage!) I’m SOOOOO excited!! I’m used to competing in jumpers and/or eventing (up to 5’!) so I’m not quite sure what to expect! What do the judges look for in a HSE class ? Can’t wait!! so excited, I’m on the verge of insanity! BTW are any of you on The Horse Grooming Supplies forum? just outta curiosity. I’m on there!

10/02/09  10:07pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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Congratulations Trix! I hope you do well!

I haven’t ever had show experience, just the friendly neighborhood horse troll here. *winks*

10/04/09  11:52am

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