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 I’m at a Loss

Okay, I’m at a complete loss of what to do.

I have four horses. Disney, a 20 year old bay throughbred geding. Espeanza, a 7 year old rose grey appendix mare. Tristen, a 10 year old bay thoroughbred gelding. And Ember, a 3 year old chestnut paint welsh pony mare.

Pasturing is a problem.

The two geldings WILL NOT get along. So we pasture Esperanza with Tristen, and Disney with Ember. That’s fine until one of them goes into season. When Ember goes into season, Disney bits and kicks her. When I put Ember away and let Disney pasture on his own, he goes absolutely insane and hurts himself(Huge cuts nd foot injuries).

When Esperanza goes into season, Tristen gets really clingy and protective and she kicks him.

So what we ended up doing was letting them out all together. At first, we just watched them get a pecking order. Esperanza leads, then Disney, then Tristen, then Ember. But then Disney started chasing Tristen away and Tisten is stuck wandering around by himself.

So I did some groundwork. I put haulters on both of them and led them around next to eachother. I made them stand near the mares together. I made them touch noses. Then I let them off. They got along for a few hours, and then Disney started chasing Tristen away again.

What do we do?! Should I just keep groundworking them together? Should I keep separating them how I have been? Should I force the geldings to spend time together?

09/20/09  09:55pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2074316

 I’m at a Loss

Eeeeeh! That’s tough! What I woud do would be to continue the groundwork, but that is really tough. I dont have nearly enough experience with that. So keep us posted about that. It seems like quite a predicament!

09/20/09  10:30pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2074316

 I’m at a Loss

Where I board at she has about 10 acres and roughly 30 horses on it. Each gelding has his own group of mares that they hang out with.
It is not as big a problem with the younger horses that are in the paddocks...
I had two geldings in with our 4 mares, and they would get clingy when we took them out, and would whinny and dance...
The barn owner used to keep a group of geldings together, and the mares/fillies together but they were in paddocks.
I would if you can, if they were my horses,.... I would cross fence your pasture, run some strands of electric fencing down the middle OR split it in such a way the geldings would have access to the water OR get another water tank for them...
Put the geldings on one side, the mares on the other. They will then sort it out and you won’t have the problem any more.
OR put one mare, one gelding on one side.. the other gelding and the other mares on the other side.
OR keep the geldings in a paddock and let the mares have the pasture....
You need to do something or some one will get hurt.


09/21/09  12:39am


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2074387

 I’m at a Loss

I know someone will get hurt. That’s why I’m here.

So you think if I pasture the mares together and geldings together their own problems out? Because Tristen kicks pretty hard, I would want poor 20 year old Disney getting kicked.

If I were to put a gelding and a mare on both sides, it would end up not working. Disney bites and kicks Ember when she’s in season, and Espy will kick Tristen when she’s in season. Keep in mind she’s part quarter horse, very heavily built and has a really strong kick when she wants to.

I don’t have paddocks, nor any place to build them. I live in a pine forest, and don’t have the means to cut down a bunch of trees down when the paddock would be knee deep in mud 90% of the time anyways.

So you don’t think the groundwork is doing any good?

Do you think I should just pastue the geldings together and the mares together for a while and see if that works?

And I was separating them up until a few days ago. I just noticed a lot of problems when the mares are in season. I think the problem is that Tristen is used to being pastured alone(before we had him), Esp is used to being pastured with mares and geldings(before we got her, so she doesn’t care if they’re are one or two geldings), Disney is used to being with all geldings with no mares in sight, and Ember is a baby still leaning social skills.

09/21/09  01:09am


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2074316

 I’m at a Loss

Well you have to think Disney is "the old man" those mares are HIS mares, he sees the younger gelding as well a threat..... My Geldings at first would nip but that is a natural pecking order, what i would suggest is placing he geldings together for small portions at a time and MONITORING slow introduction so that YOU control the situation, the males have to establish that pecking order, the mares as well, then them as a group....

ground working them together wont do much...... what they need is that time together, they HAVE to establish an order, let the geldings adapt keep the mares together, after about a month turn all four out at the same time.... I have 2 geldings 6 mares and my stallion (I keep him seperate though) but the geldings are in with the mares in estrus will squeal and kick but that is NATURE.... that is how they act in the wild it is patienc though while turning them out make sure your there to prevent any injury...

09/21/09  03:09am

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