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Soon to be vet
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 Getting new horse or pony!

I’m getting a new horse or pony!
I know the exact price and stuff, I am having a hard time choosing, could you just post which one you like best (not that I am going to get whatever one someone tells me, I just wanted to get your opinion)?
Here they are:
Bases Loaded(Triple)
Wicked (Lola)
Goodnight Moon (I know the add expired- still has pictures- but I have been emailing the owner about him.)
Derby Hill (Derby)

Please only answer with kind words! Don’t answer saying anything like these horses are "made", because I know that but some are hard to control still.

Thank you so much,
Kenzie <3

08/10/09  06:22pm


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  Message To: Soon to be vet   In reference to Message Id: 2054451

 Getting new horse or pony!

I like Derby the best followed by Lola/Wicked.

I think they are pushing the first horse too hard too fast. At 6 he really shouldn’t be jumping that high.
I realize some do, but if you want a good sound horse to re-sell down the road. getting one that is a little older will do better. I think a horse should be doing pregreen and all that around 7 or 8.
IN the larger competitions they always speak of a young horse at age 9. And those that are started later, and started slower, are still jumping grand prix jumps at 18-20 plus years of age.

Congrats, let us know which one you get.


08/10/09  10:39pm


Soon to be vet
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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2054586

 Getting new horse or pony!

Ya, Triple is a little young to be showing at Devon,etc.; but I know some horses in their teens who have been showing since they were 3 and have no problems. I prefer to have horses that start showing at the minimum of age six, but I really like him. My first horse is fourteen now and started showing at age 4 and she has a little arthritis.

Thanks, I will let you know! :)

08/11/09  06:30am


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  Message To: Soon to be vet   In reference to Message Id: 2054704

 Getting new horse or pony!

I think that is why people showing horses at the higher levels need to think of the horse’s longevity for showing.
I really like the grey, NICE horse..
You kinda answered your own question, Your horse that started showing at 4 now has arthritis.
If you want a good horse for the future, make sure whichever you pick has been started later.
If you are only concerned with the NOW of YOUR show career, go ahead and pick a horse that will in a few years have to be on Meds, and have to have expensive vet procedures to be comfortable and not be able to rise to be a great horse for some one, once you have surpassed their training level.

Don’t just think of YOUR future, think of the horse’s future as well.
You will go beyond which ever horse you get, your learning curve is smaller and less steep. And the horse you get may not ever be able to reach the same level of training you want to achieve.
So get a horse you can go as far as can with, but remember that horse may be sold or given to some one who is younger and less knowledgeable than you.
Try to keep the horse’s joints healthy, mind, gut (ulcers), hooves and teeth as well.
THey will have wear and tear, but doing your best for your horse and yourself can be conflicting.
Just try, and get a horse that has had the best start, late start and has the best vet check.


08/11/09  09:09am

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