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 Color fading... I need your secrets.

Before I started riding Misty, her coat was solid black. She lives in a turnout area with lots of shelter in a herd of mares. She was so solid black I assumed her coat was unfading black. I noticed she started to get dandruff, so I started giving her a quarter cup of ground flax seed with every bucket of grain I gave her (every day to every other day). Now that I’ve gotten to the point of working her everyday, her color has faded drastically to a light, caramel brown around where the saddle goes. I still give her the flax, her skin is getting healthier and her coat, shinier, I just dont know what to do about that color fading so drastically just since March-ish (when I started riding her). After a really sweaty workout I hose her off, and I bathed her once in March and once a few weeks ago using original forumla Mane and Tail shampoo. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I guess I am just wondering, what are your secrets to making sure the black stays as black as possible

She went from this...

Same living conditions, same everything, the only difference is she is getting worked, loved, spoiled with hugs and kisses, and fed grains so she can put on weight. All good things, right? I dont get it!

To this....

I just dont understand! Her all around well being has increased drastically! She’s the greatest horse I’ve ever met, I’m just confused about it!

07/27/09  03:33pm


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  Message To: CrestieLuvR   In reference to Message Id: 2046162

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

Horses fade and darken their coloring depeneding on the season. Most likely your horse will always turn black in late fall and fade out in the spring to a dark brown. BTW, your horse is beautiful! I hope I can own a horse one day!

07/27/09  10:15pm


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  Message To: Lex123   In reference to Message Id: 2046379

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

My Mare Cheyenne, is Pitch black during fall and winter, but during the summer turns to a chocolate brown (Shes simply a really dark bay)

Also IF she is a true grey (I want to ask how old she is) they typically start out dark fade as time goes on into white.... could be a possibility

third, I showed on a true black Arab Mare... she was so black she was blue, BUT to keep that color we worked her in an indoor arena or outdoors at night with lights on, she was stalled during the day turned out at night, I also added parprika in her food..... Why she is turning THAT drastic has gotten me, Shes pretty but as late a summer as it is she would have lightened if she was just a dark bay earlier then now.... its a conundrum. Like I said, One of my horses during fall and winter is stone cold black, but lightens around april may when we start getting good warmth. You may want to check her age, I know true greys (Like my One Arab mare I have now) can start out black (As Dancer did) and slowly change shes not even 10 yet but started showing the ’grey trait’ of her genes black to iron grey to sorrel to rose grey to a dapple to where her blaze is fanning out and her face is whitening....

07/28/09  08:53pm


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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2046951

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

she’s in her late teens or 20. older, i know, but NOT ready to retire. haha, you will know that once she’s under a saddle.

but you thinking that she’s young makes me happy. i know she looks good. also, does paprika help with color? i’ve never heard of that. keeping her coat black is alot of work, and im not showing her yet, so i dont really need to take that special care, but im suprised she lightened so drastically.

07/28/09  10:48pm


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  Message To: CrestieLuvR   In reference to Message Id: 2047020

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

Trust me I Know it is a pain. I can’t believe she drastically changed.

I have used paprika to darken my palamino and keep a black coat, but if your wanting to keep her black you cant have her out in the sun like you have been doing, or no matter how much work you put into it...the coat won’t stay black. I have heard "black as night" works but have never tried it. I used paprika nad kept mine stalled during the day limiting the time outside.

bah 20 is the new 15!! she looks exceptional I love seeing someone who has an older horse that looks fantastic

07/29/09  10:19am


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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2047198

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

Yesterday me and Misty just had a mini photo shoot. heres the pictures we got.

i thought this one was pretty cool

can you believe she’s 20?

she’s my little cutie pie<3

Here’s her blind eye. it looked especially bad today because she accidentally ripped off her fly mask and it gets worse with direct sunlight. the fly mask helps.

and heres her fully functioning eye! theres a bit of pink on the inside cuz the flies were goin at it without the mask. i got it back on.

and thats all the decent looking one. =) enjoy!

07/29/09  04:35pm


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  Message To: CrestieLuvR   In reference to Message Id: 2047417

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

Here is a link to the shampoo and feed through supplement that can restore her color to black.

hope this helps

07/29/09  10:02pm


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2047594

 Color fading... I need your secrets.

Oooooh thanks!!! I know what I am asking for my birthday!!!=P

Thank’s for all the speedy replies!

07/29/09  11:51pm

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