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 HELP! My mon won’t let me have a horse!

My mother does not want me to have a full sized horse, because she is afraid I will get hurt on one. She wants to get a miniature horse or a pony (Not a pony I can ride). I’m 13 years old and I have wanted a horse for YEARS! I mention it once in awhile but she always says NO! We have the space (80 acres) and money and I love animals. Any advice on convincing her? My dad isn’t scared of them. I just don’t know why she is so afraid of them.... Besides, I think I would make a great cowgirl! LOL!


07/25/09  04:20pm


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  Message To: Lex123   In reference to Message Id: 2045207

 HELP! My mon won’t let me have a horse!

Do you take lessons? Sometimes when parents spend alot of money on a pet for their daughter it ends up being just a phase and she loses interest. I am in no way saying that that will happen with you, because you seem very driven, its just a way of thinking where she is coming from. Taking riding lessons for a year or so will let her know that it is NOT a phase and then you will be taking home your own horse in no time (hopefully). Start by just asking for lessons at your local stable. If she says yes than yay! Prove to her you are responsible also. Horses are a HUGE responsibility! You have to go out and feed at least two times a day, keep everything clean. Not to mention supplements, cleaning water bins, getting the right tack that FITS, and making sure that your horse is healthy takes so much of your time. Im sure that you are willing to do it, but keep in mind, your mom probably knows this, and is saying no for this reason as well. I hope you get a horse soon! Also, if you are a beginner rider, getting the right horse is soooooo important! A well trained, aged (I know babies are cute) quarter horse (or another horse of that nature) is awesome for beginners. You cant take care of your horse if you get a five year old thoroughbred, fall, and injure yourself! I’ve given you all of the pointers I can think of. Good luck!

07/25/09  07:26pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: CrestieLuvR   In reference to Message Id: 2045280

 HELP! My mon won’t let me have a horse!

Crestie is absolutely right.
Like you, I have loved horses since I can remember. (Mind you my first memory is of the takeoff of the first rocket to the moon) And, I have also made the sad decision not to own one yet.

As a kid about your age, a friend of mine had one and could only afford to stable it in a cheap barn...and paid the price. They fed her pony moldy hay and left barbed wire in the paddock. She cut her leg so badly she could never be ridden again. My friend wisely gave her up to a very kind elderly retired woman who fell in love with the pony’s personality and could afford the regular vet bills. ( she had spunk but was kind- both the elderly woman and the pony)

I vowed then never to own a horse until I could insure that I could afford the vet bills, farrier, food, supplements, High quality housing (preferably on my own land) that it takes to keep one properly.

Find someone to teach you to ride. Volunteer at a barn near your home, mucking stalls and grooming if you need in exchange for lessons. This way, you get to be around them, learn how to do it right, and be around horses. Perhaps when your folks see the responsibility you are taking and see that you are mature enough to handle it, THEN they might change their mind. If not, well, it seems like forever to you now, but one day you’ll be an adult and have your own place and can get one then with a good foundation under your belt!

And your mom may be freaked out because, well, horses CAN be dangerous. Lots of accidents happen, and people can and do get killed- ESPECIALLY when they don’t know what they are doing or are inexperienced. Heck, even really really experienced people get hurt through no fault of their own. Maybe your mom had a bad experience once with one and is now fearful of the same happening to you. Talk to her about it sometime without being all "MOOOOMMM why cant I!" The more you communicate with your mom about your dreams and her fears in a positive way the better chance you will have of realizing them.

When you’re 13 it seems like mom is a tyrant keeping you from your dreams...but remember, she was once 13 too. You’ll have to prove to her you are ready. Extra chores being done without being asked, getting good grades, etc etc... over time ( not weeks, but a year or two) will hopefully prove to her you’re mature enough to take on something bigger and that it isn’t just this months fad.

07/26/09  11:55am


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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2045587

 HELP! My mon won’t let me have a horse!

I want to add my input as not only an experianced rider but as someone who has been there done that.

Crestie (while you don’t want to hear this) is right. Your Mother may not have been exposed to horses so she is unsure what to expect. And yes I have seen little girls go through the fad and then their horse ends up coming here. My suggestion is this.... find a stable that boards and like it was said volunteer, also try to find someone who is willing to LEASE their horse. Why? you get to be responsible for the horse can take lessons ect but you don’t pay for the costs.... Horses are expensive you have to ask yourself are you setup for one, can you afford it? do you have a trailer to transport... Never put your cart before your horse....

as for getting hurt.... Ive been riding for 20 years....and am currently in a wheelchair.... and facing surgery from a horse. Things happen we cannot control the future... there are two types of riders in this world, the ones that will be hurt and the ones that have been hurt.

your Mother is trying to protect you and both here, have very good and valid points, show her you can be responsible talk to her about taking lessons or leasing a horse.....

07/29/09  10:13am

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