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 Carol the rodeo/spanish riding school master???

Okay.. over the last few weeks I have ridden two horses, one today, and one a few weeks ago...
The first, a few weeks ago was a cute 14.2 or 3 hh pinto mare that had not been ridden much OR ridden at all in a year or several months..
The lady was a little afraid to ride her, I was assessing her for my friend who I say is fearless!!!
The previous owners left her and a dog on the property when they left.
They rode her in a snaffle BUT with a running martingale, BUT the rings were physically attached to the bridle.. OMG :o
So I lunge her and get up on her.. I can feel the hump in her back she wants to explode, and wants to buck...
She did, but really couldn’t do too much, or at least I thought so...She reared with me ON her... and then later on the ground 3 times..
What I didn’t know is that she reared straight UP, like "Hi Ho Silver .. AWAY!!!".. I was so focused on her that I didn’t know that.. untill later when Joan my barn owner said she did.
I did see her do that on the ground, I still got her for my friend, because she is a genius and she figured out what little things set her off. How to keep her from doing it.. And at the end of the week, rode her on a 4 hour trail ride..
She never bucked or reared since..

Fast forward to today, I rode a gelding that Joan mistakenly got out thinking he was one gelding and he turned out to be another one.. They are both liver chestnut half arabs, but one has a bigger star than the other. I have ridden the one off and on last year..
This one is owned by a friend of her’s that is in prison.. and has been for 4 or 5 yrs.. so the horse hasn’t been ridden in that long.
He leapt Straight UP and out looking quite like a lippizan stallion doing a capriolle or "airs above ground" sort of thing...
Not once.. not twice.. but three times during the ride..
Now Baron, the horse I am supposed to normally ride, a few times a year.. doesn’t DO THAT...
But apparently, Shivu or Shivoo ... does.. its from being herd bound and barn sour, but mostly just nervous when away from his buddy horse.

OUr friend who rode with us, and who was behind me when I rode.. Said I have a second career as a rodeo bronc rider if I wanted too...
NO I don’t

I am 39 and have suffered from a variety of broken bones, dislocated shoulder 4 times... and stuff...
WOWOW>.. I guess I am a better horse person than i thought...
Just thought I would share!

07/13/09  10:44pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2038914

 Carol the rodeo/spanish riding school master???

Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure ( and not the sort one wants to repeat too often!)
Good job staying on. Teaches those horses they cant get everyone off so easy, and hopefully to trust in your confidence.

And least Shivu got some excercise! Hopefully he didnt strain anything. Glad you didnt either!

07/14/09  11:45am


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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2039098

 Carol the rodeo/spanish riding school master???

Thanks muchly...
I am now in charge of taking three young horses on their first trail rides..

07/14/09  09:37pm

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