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 Coming to join you guys

Im on the Beardie forums alot but yesterday I became a hore owner for the first time in about 20 years or so.I had walking horses growing up and have been wanting to get a horse for a few years now but never took the plung but here is Diego.He is a 5 year old gelding paint.

BTW that saddle is not mine its the one that was on him when i went to look at him.I will be buying a bighore saddle on thursday ao I think that might fit him better.

I was on him for about an hour he has alot of spirit and sunk,He needs someone that has the time to work with him everyday and the lady who owned him didnt.He is a bit head shy but I think if I work everyday with him he will be a good horse in no time.He rains great has a good stop.He knows all the voice comands he just needs some attintion


07/13/09  07:18am


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  Message To: Dinkanber   In reference to Message Id: 2038407

 Coming to join you guys


I became a hore owner

LMAO see what happenes when you dont read your preview..Sorry guys I think you all know I ment horse

07/13/09  07:31am


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  Message To: Dinkanber   In reference to Message Id: 2038410

 Coming to join you guys

lol don’t worry I knew what you meant at least.

Congratulations. He’s a very pretty horse.

07/13/09  01:31pm


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  Message To: JENOVA   In reference to Message Id: 2038597

 Coming to join you guys

Congrats!! He is a looker!! :)
I would also check saddle location, it seems a bit far back on him.
But wow he is a nice looking boy.
If you need ANY help on advice or searching online for stuff, let us know we are here to help!!

Just an FYI...
Check your local craigslist you will find all kinds of things there.

a double registered pinto/half arab mare well broke, blind in one eye.. 100
My barn owner got her.
A double registered (same as above) but younger, and not blind 200
got her for my friend.
I myself got a trade deal with a guy nearby..
I had an 86 ford F150 2 wheel drive
He had a 91 ford F150 4x4
I traded the truck, an old laptop and 150 cash.

A bit later I got a two horse trailer for 300....
So craigslist is a good place!! Usually!!
aka Montessa Python

07/13/09  10:23pm


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2038901

 Coming to join you guys

Yeah thats where i found him was on Craigslist and i picked up a big horn saddle yesterday from craigslist for $100 .I will post pics of this saddle on him when I get the cinches for it.So that way you guys can tell me how well you think it looks.I went ahead with a cheeper sadle used because i really want to invest in custum saddle for him.

07/14/09  12:30pm


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  Message To: Dinkanber   In reference to Message Id: 2039112

 Coming to join you guys

Big horn’s are NICE saddles.. but make sure it fits, or you could have a sore backed horse.
A simple method..
Take a pillow case, place it on HALF the horses back, ON one side, such as the left side..
Put the saddle on first, no pads, just the saddle, dont’ cinch it down... Then slide the pillow case under it, making sure it is under the left hand side.
then simply tug on it. Start at the back of the saddle. IF you tug on the bottom section and it almost falls out, that part of the saddle will rise up TOO much.. OR any part of the saddle.
IF you tug a bit and it is a little hard to pull out, that is GOOD.
IF (especially important around the withers and near the fenders (under the saddle just before the seat)..
IF its hard to pull out and you have to really tug at it..
You will have an unhappy horse, and a saddle that doesn’t fit.
Hope this helps.

07/14/09  09:49pm

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