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Today, I did my first schooling show. I’m 14, ride a grey appendix mare named Everest, and I love her, great horse. But she’s only 6.

So here’s what happened:
I was supposed to do seven classes; Undersaddle hunter walk/trot, undersaddle equitation walk/trot, 4 crossrail classes, and undersaddle hunter walk/trot/canter. I was really excited. I did my undersaddle hunter walk/trot and I got third. In undersaddle equitation walk/trot, I got first. I took a krinkly bag from someone, which spooked Everest. She jumped to the side, reared up, bolted forward and gave me a big, twisting buck. I flew 10 feet up, landed awkwardly, felt a bone snap. I sat up and immediatley my eyes rolled back in my head and I just passed out. When I woke up, the paramedic said I had probably dislocated my shoulder.

One trip to the ER later, I find out I broke my collar bone. The same collar bone(left) I broke when I was a baby. So now I can’t ride for a month. And I can’t move. My arm is in a sing. If I try to pick up anything heaver then a glass cup with even the hand that doesn’t have a broken collar bone, it hurts like hell.

So. I had a nice day[/sarcasm].

07/11/09  08:25pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2037806


Ouch that sounds painful, I"m sorry to hear that. Sounds like Everest could use some desensitizing.

I would start on the ground though, for safety’s sake. Plastic bags, loud noises, flags are also a good one (like the barrel racers use). We do all of that stuff at the barn I go to

Get well soon!

07/12/09  09:53pm


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  Message To: JENOVA   In reference to Message Id: 2038293


ive had a similar thing happen 2 me i had a "bombproof" gelding we did everything 2 him we could think of and i showed him in the jumpers ring turned out he was scared of th flash on a camera! a flash went off he dug in and stopped after taking off for a jump and i landed on a solid jump on my jaw and shattered my jaw i have a metal jaw now and spent 6 months in the hospital!

07/13/09  12:49am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Buddy&Konas   In reference to Message Id: 2038361


Owie! One never realizes just how much you use their collar bone, until it is injured.
I guess you get to catch up on your summer reading...paperbacks only. Hardbacks would be too heavy.

But look at the positives. In two out of two of the classes, you placed! Thats something to be proud of. Plus you know now that she spooks at krinkly bags and can work with her on that as suggested above. Thankfully you and the horse are young. She will learn with your guidance and bones heal well. (Calcium is your friend)

Hope you heal quickly and soundly!

07/13/09  02:35pm


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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2038654

 Ow ow ow owie!!

OH you poor dear!!
You are lucky in ONE sense... it will only be a month.
My barn owner Joan who is 75 had to wait nearly 2 plus months when she broke her collar bone.
She broke her wrist and thumb last year. Both times coming off a horse..

But you still have your ribbons!! and once you get the go ahead to ride.. you can desinsitize her to horrible scary krinkly things!!!

A few years ago I was riding a pinto gelding that needed some trail time.. I opened a snapple bottle or something like that. And found myself on the ground and the horse standing right next to me..
That quick.
SO now he is much better about bottles being opened!!

Heal quick, congrats on the ribbons, and bummer on the bone break!!


07/13/09  10:16pm


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  Message To: Montessa_Python   In reference to Message Id: 2038899

 Ow ow ow owie!!

Thanks guys, for the replies.


I’m going to start some desensitizing work when she gets up to my property on saturday, along with a 9 year old bay OT thoroughbred(Tristen), and a beautiful 2 year old paint 100% welsh pony(Promise).

And we will definitely start on the ground. I’m not going to hurt myself again for a while(hopefully). First item: plastic party bags


Ouch! The thought of that gives me chills. Luckily, my mare would never do that. She’s so honest, never refused a jump in her life. If you ask her to jump, she’ll do it no problem. I’m so glad I’m only out for a month. I can’t wait to get back on!

Fairy Frog Mother,

I agree. I can’t do anything without my collar bone. and actually, I think I could do hardbacks. I’ve been pushing my luck a bit, playing Wii and catching runaway goats and helping with the horses and stuff.

that is something I’m proud of, but I still want to know so bad how I wouldve done in my other 5 classes. I hope I get to do another schooling show soon.

Montessa Python,

That’s true. I guess your collar bones don’t actually harden fully until your an adult, so it’s better to break them when your young. I’ve broken the same collarbone twice.

Definitley doing some desensitizing. And being careful. Because we;re moving her from open areas with only a few trees to mountains with lots of trees.

I had that happen once. I opened a gatorade bottle which I accidently sloshed and it spilt on her. I’m not even sure what happened, but the next moment I was on the ground. Didn’t hurt at all, luckily.

I also felt like that when a pinto gelding fell on me. One moment was walking calmly on the trail, and next I was on the ground with him laying on my foot! That hurt, but luckily I wasn’t hurt.

07/15/09  10:49am

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