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 Finding stuff for friends... LOL

I decided to go out to dinner w/ my hubby last night and we ran into some neighbors of where we board at, we helped give them some horses for christmas 2 yrs ago...
The lady had apparently been talking about contacting me to help her find a saddle. She wanted some opinions on a saddle she bought and wants me to come out to check the fit of the saddle for one of her horses.
She also was looking into treeless saddles and just knew I was the one who could help her w/ local places and some online links as well.
Well I found a boat load just searching online and within minutes called her and sent her two emails.

Last thursday I found a great mare for a friend and delivered it to her.
I have a knack for finding things online or networking and introducing two people together who each need or have something the other wants..
My hubby says I should charge a "finders" fee for doing this..
I just don’t know HOW I would do that.
Just thought I would share... ack ack..
Too funny.

07/03/09  07:04am

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