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 Updates - Good and Bad

I don’t know if any of you care about my updates, but I like posting them.

My grey mare, Everest is doing so great. I’m jumping 2’3", and in two weeks I’m going to be in a schooling show. I’m so excited!

My pony, Promise, was very naughty. She’s only 2 years old, chestnut paint pinto, welsh pony. Me and my mom were tacking her up(Not to ride, but to lung her in the round pen. Just tacking her up to get her used to the tack) and I had her saddle on and put the reins over her head. I took her halter off, and then realized the bridle was too small for her. My mom went into the tack room to get her a fitting bridle while I held her. Well, she decided she was going to trot off. I tried to stop her, ended up running with her while she cantered, tripped, got dragged until I lost my grip and we had a runaway pony. It took about 30 minutes to catch her. We lunged her and put her away. Naughty pony! But sooo pretty and cute. I’ll get a pic on Monday.

One of the horses that we have on our property that we’re trading for three other horses coliced yesterday. We called our vet and they said we could get him pain medication or wait for it to pass. My mom was just about to leave for the medication while I watched to make sure he didn’t roll, and he got better. He started drinking and pooping and looking for food. This morning, at 4 AM my akita puppy came running into my room throwing a fit. I tried to get her to be quiet, but she wouldn’t. I got up to take her outside, thinking she had to pee. She ran off. I followed her and she led me to the barn, where the same horse was kicking up a storm in his stall. I got my mom and we stayed with him until our vet called back and told us to come get the medication. My mom left while I watched. She came back and said the vet said if the medication didn’t work within two days, he will probably die. We went to check on him about 10 minutes ago and the akita puppy was sitting laying next to him, whining, trying to get him to move or do something she knows horses do. He was just laying there, but it was the medication making him sleep really hard. She was quite concerned, though.

So yeah.

06/27/09  02:06pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2029804

 Updates - Good and Bad

wow, you weren’t hurt from being dragged off were you? That can be some dangerous/painful stuff.

I hope your horse’s colic goes away. That’s strange how your dog lead you out there. Good thing she did

06/27/09  08:11pm


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  Message To: JENOVA   In reference to Message Id: 2029987

 Updates - Good and Bad

congrats on the jumping

I want to add as an experianced rider that when your horse runs off ALWAYS let go, it is NOT worth you getting hurt because of the horse bolting and dragging you. a horse will slow down but if they are freaking and feel ’trapped’ it can possess them to run further... as future note next time halter/bridle in an area that is secure, if a horse bolts and you fall let go... glad you are alright! and you did the right thing by lunging afterwards... shame on the pony!

colic SUCKS, when I have one of mine colic I load them in a horse trailer and drive slow, a horses first instinct is to poop when in a trailer, and this has saved me MANY a vet bill, especially if the colic is bad and I am having difficulty keeping them up.NOW I just tube my horse, pump and release water into the stomach than administer mineral oil, but -I- am trained to do this I don’t reccomend it, because tubing a horse is dangerous for you and the horse, you have to know what your doing...

did you ever diagnose what caused the colic? if it is grain related you can try administering 1/2 a cup of corn oil in the feed daily to prevent future outbreaks, I add this because I have a horse that can be ’difficult’ and it is a big help...

as for ’caring’ that is what this forum is for, your taling about your horses, if we type on off topic we put ’ot’ but we are all comfy cozy friends...and love to share everything from new tack to show placings up to injuries, NEVER question hon we are ALWAYS happy to hear from other horse enthusiasts here!!!

oh yeah we LOVE photos here!! ~hint hint heh~

06/27/09  09:22pm


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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2030022

 Updates - Good and Bad

No, I wasn’t hurt when she dragged me. Luckily. It was pretty scary to hear hooves pounding right next to you. Just a little rode rash.

The horse with colic seems better. We gave him the pain/sedation medication. He seems so much more comfortable. He pooped 4 times today and is drinking at least some water. We think he coliced because we changed the kind of hay we were using and he coliced right after that. I’m so relieved he feels better. And yeah, it’s a good thing my dog did that. We might not have known he was suffering so badly if she hadn’t. We didn’t give him anything besides the medication, but we walked him a lot.

Well, today, I was moving some dirt with my tractor and accidentally got a 200 LB block of compact horse crap(from the people before us over 3 years ago). Me and my mom pulled it out and it fell onto my hand, which smashed into the metal fence, which broke my left middle finger. =(

And I know. ^.^ I just wasn’t sure my updates were very important. I’ll get better pics of Espy, Tristen, and Promise on Monday.

I think my goat is in early signs of labor! I’m really excited. Earlier, we saw her laying down a lot and she was groaning and grunting and then she got up and she was arching and flattening her back. We weren’t sure, if she was or not, so we’ve isolated her just in case. Can anyone give me any info on this or tell me if they think she might be in labor? It’s been a month since we’ve had her and she’s HUGE. Her utter is like, really big. We don’t know how far along she is, because the people who we bought her from didn’t know either. I’ll get pics of her and her babies/baby hopefully tomorrow.

06/27/09  10:22pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2030056

 Updates - Good and Bad

as a breeder of goats...

there are two key factors, the ligs are vanished and there is a milky discharge...udder size does not matter, if it is a goat’;s freshening some new does bag MONTHS before kidding others after, and some during, the udder is not a good choice, you want to see the udder strutted, by that i mean so full the skin is stretched so it is shiny, and the teats are pointed out due to being filled with milk, do NOT milk, it will release the plugs and can permit bacteria.

their vulva will be puffy the slit longer the creamy discharge is usually days before unless you see red, THEN the plug is officially gone and she is in early stages. up and down arching and straightening ARE signs of labor but that is early labor and can go on for a week, many times they are just trying to situate the baby...goats when heavily pregnant breathe heavily and grunt there is a LOT of weight on their lungs if you think she is near then you need to isolate her and monitor, I use a baby monitor.

what breed is she? if she is a pygmy watch her CLOSELY they are not very large and 99% of the time have difficulties!!especially if bred to a larger buck, if you do not know what she was bred to be on the look out....

early signs some show some dont

white milky discharge
babytalk..its hard to explain but they talk to their babies in a bleat you have never heard
if the goat is often affectionate and shies away or vice versa (attitude change)
the ligaments are gone and you can grasp around the tail head... there are a "V" shape of ligs take your thumb and forefinger run along the sine right at the beginning of the tail feel for ligs that feel like pencils....when those go you have around 24-48hrs usually these are my BEST indicator
pawing, making a nest up down up down
and crooking the tail they stand and arch their back curling the tail into a hook, this is a sign of labor remember you have 15 min from the time the goat starts pushing to get the kid out.... kid should come in a diving position, I am always present with my kiddings, to assist if needbe, if you have questions ask

also BIG thing
after she kids RIGHT after worm her!! then in 10 days worm her again then 10 days worm her again, d this is a CRITICAL time because they are PRONE to worms after stress..and nutradrench and a shot of B12.... good luck

06/28/09  12:10am


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2029804

 Updates - Good and Bad

Runaway ponies are no fun!
I have mini horses and about a year and a half ago my horse, whom we were retraining to pull a cart, ran off. He was doing fantastic, but I had to run into the barn to get something, so I tied him up and locked the gait. Why I thought nothing would happen I don’t know. He ended up untieing himself, unlocking the gait, (He’s REALLY smart and tends to get what and where he wants to because of it) And running about a mile to our local McDonalds store, all the while killing our only cart.
He did this a couple more times, the last time being trained by somebody much more experienced than I was at the time and flipping another horses cart. After this happened we decided he was simply too dangerous. He is a GREAT jumper and halter horse, though, so he can still show.
Everytime he took off, you could tell how terrified he was of the cart, trying so hard to get away from it because of one bad accident when he still pulled like a champ. (Large pit bulls chased us and in his attempt to run from the dogs flipped it and cut up his legs and a couple scratches on his back. He’s associated carts with pain ever since)
Still killed me the day we hung up his harness. I felt sort of like I was giving up on him.

I hope your colicing horse gets better! Having a sick horse is no fun. Not at all.

06/28/09  11:20pm


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  Message To: GreekMaggie   In reference to Message Id: 2030694

 Updates - Good and Bad

hey hon checking up to see how your horses are doing and get an update on your goat!!!

06/28/09  11:46pm


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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2030711

 Updates - Good and Bad

Thanks for all the info!

Bo, the colicing horse, is all better. He’s feeling much better today. He’s eating, drinking, pooping, acting well again. Even thought I don’t like the horse very much, I was still so worried about him. I’m really glad he lived.

As for the goat, it was a false alarm. Or just me hoping. I’m thinking it might be in the next week or two, though. She has the two indents by her tail bone and she’s doing the back arching/flattening. I’m so excited for the babies! I’ve already picked out a name for one of them and I’m excited to see their coloring. The mom is sooo pretty. I think she’s a Nigerian dwarf goat. Shes grey with a black stripe that goes from halfway down her neck to halfway down her spine, black markings on her face, and black feet. I’ll try to get a pic tomorrow.

And this broken finger has been killing me while riding. =/

06/29/09  02:17am


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2030760

 Updates - Good and Bad

be careful and keep watch dwarfs/pygmies are VERY difficult with labor ESPECIALLY if it is their freshening. some have VERY narrow pelvic bones and the babies EASILY get stuck... and if the buck is a lil bigger than the doe (due to bad breeding on the owners part) you can expect difficulties as a heads up. look for her sides getting slim... ie she will suddenly thin down because the babies have ’dropped’ into position

Ligaments are "gone". Feeling the ligaments and the tail head are my main warnings that kidding may happen within the next 24 hours.

The doe’s tail head is noticeably raised.You can practically put your fingers all the way around the spine right before the tail. Feeling the the tail head and ligaments are my main warnings that kidding may happen sometime within the next 24 hours.

"Far away" look in the doe’s eyes. Eyes wide. The whites of eye may get slightly bloodshot.

Pawing at the ground (making a nest). A doe can start doing this many hours before kidding: they can do this all night long only to kid in the mid morning (ask me how I know). When a doe starts pawing a lot, I keep checking on her knowing she could kid anytime, be it in 1/2 hour or 12 hours.

Laying down, getting up, laying down, getting up, laying down, getting up.... It’s really hard to get comfortable when you are really pregnant and going into labor.

Long clear string of "goob" (mucous) hanging from the doe’s vagina. If the goop is amber, it is amniotic fluid, and kidding should happen very soon. (Note: The doe can start having small amounts of opaque white discharge a day, a week or even a month before kidding; this is the "plug").

The doe’s udder in full and tight. Some people refer to the udder getting "shiny" or "glossy"; this would be because if the udder getting full and tight, and thus the stretched skin becomes shiny. Be aware that though it is most common for a doe to "bag up" before she kids, she could wait until the last minute or even not really start "coming into her milk" until after she kids. Every doe is different.

The doe starts drifting away from the herd. You don’t want her having her kids hidden off in the woods somewhere; you might want to go ahead and put her up in the kidding stall.

The doe becomes more vocal. It a doe is normally quiet and all of a sudden starts making little sounds, it may be a good idea to put her up in the kidding stall.

The doe may start talking to her babies before she delivers them.

The doe may do a lot of stretching and/or yawning. stretching can be the doe trying to get the babies in the correct birthing positions.

The doe may become more affectionate toward you. The doe may even start licking you. It is ok to let her do this. Keep in mind this does not always happen.

The doe may become more afraid of you or not want you to touch her. If the doe is "wild" she may get really wild as she gets closer to kidding.

If the doe does anything that makes you say, "Gee, she never did that before."

I have one doe that has a VERY weird ritual before labor she ignores ALL the signs bags JUST after labor the ONLY way I can tell she is going is she lays flat on her belly turns her head to the side with her butt up and ’scoots’ across the ground...when she starts this mess than yeah I know the baby is due...

its frustrating when you don’t know the date, just watch her daily check her for small things make her a ’nest’ in a stall put her up at night...give her the vaccinations she needs so the babies will have the antibodies and remember if she d goes into labor when the water breaks and she is pushing you have 15 minutes for her to have that kid... there is a joke among goat breeders about the doe midwife journal I have it framed here, I will type it up later

as for broken finger be glad that is ALL you have!

06/29/09  04:52pm


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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2031094

 Updates - Good and Bad

Wow, thanks for all that info! I’ll be sure to keep it handy and check on her every day.

That horse is in bad shape again. =/ He got better and then started colicing again this morning.

06/30/09  12:26pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2031504

 Updates - Good and Bad

hon if he is colicing again there may be something upsetting his digestive tract, start giving him 1/2 a cup of vegetable or mineral oil mixed in with each of his grainings

06/30/09  01:32pm


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  Message To: CelticTigeress   In reference to Message Id: 2031540

 Updates - Good and Bad

The vet said we can’t feed him until he stops again. And he said the horse just might be too old to recover.

06/30/09  03:50pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2031622

 Updates - Good and Bad

Well, Bo(the horse) died this morning. He got really bad, so we had to euthanize him...

07/01/09  10:27am

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