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Gnat anne
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 Desert Horned Lizard has moldy fuzz on snout. NEED ADVICE

I have had a desert horned lizard for 2 years. He/she eats 100ish harvester ants a day, has UVB light etc. I never pick him up. He has hybernated every winter & has shed his skin once a year. He has not shed this year since coming out of hybernation & I’m hoping this is the early sign of shedding, but have not noticed this marking before.
The greenish gray patch on his snout (see pic) looks almost fuzzy. It has been there for 2 days. I do not see this fuzz anywhere else on his body. He is eating & pooping and seems normally active.
I am worried about moisture. All info I can find on desert lizards suggest 20% humidity. The gage in his tank has always read 50-60%, so I don’t spray water on him and only keep a small dish of water in his tank.
Has anyone else experienced this fuzzy stuff? Also, what does the beginning a shedding look like? I never witnessed the process. I have only found discarded skin in his tank & it seems to happen in 1 day.
Thanks for your help!

05/28/17  02:38pm

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