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Jamielin   Rockmaster  

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 Just realized what noises were...

The Horned lizard was scratching at the glass aquarium...I feel so bad that it is obviously stressed...turned off the black light in hopes it would burrow in the calcium sand and rest. We live in Northern California and the HL is apparently from New Mexico Gila Forest area...would it be best to just turn it loose here? I feel like the poor thing is suffering??...We have been trying to help because the person who had it was not caring for it...We bought it a nice aquarium, the proper sand, shelter lights, not ideal food (crickets), until I can order the ants....but not sure if it will make it in captivity? is the Largest HL I have ever seen...any advise would be helpful. Thank you

11/13/13  01:47am


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  Message To: Jamielin   In reference to Message Id: 2302233

 Just realized what noises were...

How long has the scratching taken place? How long has he been in this new enclosure you bought? What kinda enclosure was he in previously? HL get stressed easily is there alot of handling or action in front of the enclosure?

12/15/13  11:50pm

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