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Timray   Takahiro111  

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 Baby HL, just stopped eating yesterday

My boys and I caught 2 baby horned laizards in Prescott on July 27th. The smaller of the two since died a couple weeks ago, "Scratch" has been doing really well on crickets, he hasn’t really gone for ants much. Two days ago, he stopped eating, he made one stab at a cricket, that’s it. He burrowed last night, came out with heat lamp, has been seen laying very flat, then later high up on his legs and more round, I fear he is following his brother... I have a supplement powder arriving today to dust the crickets with, Could this behavior be tied to the approaching hibernation?

09/04/13  02:28pm


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 Baby HL, just stopped eating yesterday

If their wild caught he could have a infection from parasites or something and some animals can die from depression that’s how my baby chinese water dragons died

09/05/13  12:35pm

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