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 Stubborn Baby Horned Lizard . . . Help

I have a very small, dime-sized, horned lizard who keeps showing up on my patio. He/she is very cute, and I would love to keep him/her, but it sounds as though that would not be the best solution for him/her or the species in general. I live in the mountains of NM and I’m wondering how to release him/her in the safest way/place. We have moved him from the patio, where the neighborhood cats like to play, to various locations around the property, but he keeps coming back. My son has him in a large jar with a UV lamp, sand, rocks and fresh native greenery. He took the jar out into the cedars along the back of our house and eased it onto its’ side to allow the lizard to leave. 4 hours later the lizard was still napping in the jar and the local cats were trying to fish him out. We brought him back in for the night. He/she has bursts of activity when warm and stills seems healthy, but I want to make sure he/she stays that way. How, when and where can I let him/her go to provide the best chance for survival?


08/17/13  11:01pm


Kelso reptiles
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 Stubborn Baby Horned Lizard . . . Help

Just take it a mile or so away and release it under a bush. if it again returns then its not actually returning its probably a nest near by. but i would just leave them alone, let nature take its course, yes i know that sounds messed up, but it is life. the strongest will survive, don’t mean to sound blunt though.

08/30/13  08:07pm

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