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 New Eggs Just laid somewhere between 1130a-2p today

So my MHL who I was just holding on Tuesday the 30th of Oct decided to give me 13 eggs a few hours after one of our bearded dragons died. I have them incubating and marked them when I took the eggs out at 2 pm they were firm yet kinda soft. When I held them up to a bright light they glowed pink. That’s a good sign right I know they take for ever to hatch but seeing nice white eggs and seeing the pink in them means their fertile right? She was wild caught and I’ve only had her 2 months. She gave me dud eggs or it was a white plug in the shape of an egg but these look so nice and healthy. Tell me what you guys think just by appearance an any tips on hatching them? They ant even a day old and I have 2 sold if and when they hatch already. Oh also since I know egg laying is draining any pointers to help get my girls system back on track with little down time you can see she’s tired. Well here’s pictures of what I seen out of the corner of my eye that caught my attentions at 2 pm and another of all 13 laid out.

What I seen

After I pulled them out of her enclosure

11/03/12  12:03am

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