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Littleone   WFReptileRescue  

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 Desert Horned Lizard Help

My 4 yr old caught a horned lizard at her grandma’s house a few weeks ago and we brought it home. From what i have been told is a baby. It is hard to find ants to feed it and when we put ant’s in it’s cage they attacked him. so far it has been eating a large amount of small crickets. I need to know what this lizard needs. we want to provide the best possible care. any advice of feeding, lighting, all that stuff would be appreciated.

10/16/12  01:02pm


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 Desert Horned Lizard Help

The BEST advice is to let it go exactly where you found it before you kill it. That is a standard expectation when someone without experience takes one from the wild. Especially a baby. It’s chances are extremely poor!

10/24/12  12:48am

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