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 Baby Horned Liazrd

Hey everyone. A friend of mine that I work with caught a baby horned lizard down in Alamosa, CO. It was caught on private property. She is just a bigger than a quarter. Not sure what species she is. I am pretty sure of the gender.

(this is not my first horny toad, but my first baby one)

Anyway, my friend is not the animal-know-how guy. He caught it for his 5 yr old daughter (the kid is not the calm gentle type), but I told him I would take her (I was afraid the horny toad would get hurt).

Scrubi is shedding right now, but has not eaten. I got some harvester ants from a local reptile store that I go too. Do they normally stop eating when they are young and shedding? She is about halfway done with the process. She is so cute and sweet. How do I encourage her to eat?

My other horned lizard was a bit older and he ate ants just fine. He was also a rescue, but sadly passed away.

Any advise would be great. Here is a picture of the little one. And one of her shedding, all the light areas have already come off and the rest of her is now light and peeling.

09/02/12  08:57pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Scrubi_Toad   In reference to Message Id: 2278813

 Baby Horned Liazrd

thats defently a short horned toad/lizard. yeah they genearally stop eating wehn they shed. if he dosent start eating in a week let him go. its defently not a haclings hachlings are about the size of a dime haha.
but probibly only a few months old. good luck

09/13/12  10:58pm

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