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Jrude   WFReptileRescue  

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 Need help ASAP

Zion my 2 month old horned lizard has what looks like a redISH scab under her eye around what would be the nostril area. I feed her extra small crickets with formic-cal plus ant eater supplement sprinkled on them. I was wondering if the scab looking thing could be from a cricket?????? or skin parasite????? It looks kind of like dried blood but wont wash away!!!!! Can someone please help me.

09/02/12  01:10am


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  Message To: Jrude   In reference to Message Id: 2278720

 Need help ASAP

I’d recommend submitting a photo, and refraining from using formi-cal for one. You are among the masses being duped by this fairy dust. See my article on formi-cal at this site.

10/24/12  12:50am

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