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got a baby horned lizard wondering if anybody had a good idea how to catch harvester ants efficiently.
i have a few local ant hills jsut wondering if you had a good way to catch them

09/29/11  12:34am


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no offense but, if your horned lizard is still alive by now, you might want to buy them from someone who collects them. far less of a headache. you can construct an apparatus tube to fit at the end of a vaccume with a screen to catch them in between, but make sure you can cap the inlet end when you are done collecting. they climb plastic easily and sometimes glass if it is dirty. if they crawl onto your hand they will bite to hang on and continuously sting you like a bee. god forbid you have an allergic reaction. harvester ant stings are evolved to quite affectively move through mamal tissue. 10-15 stings should kill a mouse fairly quickly.
If your horned lizard is still alive however, its condition should be assessed to see if it has enough body mass to go into hybernation. i have done this in my refridgerator before. if the animal is emaciated or underweight at all it should not be hybernated. if it is not suitable for hybernation it will be a rocky winter trying to keep it alive. harvester ants hybernate as well in the winter and the only sources for the ants are quite slow to ship and use a back-hoe to dig up colonies to collect them durring the winter. any eco-friendly ant supplier will surely be out of stock for the entire winter.

11/14/11  12:11am

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